Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rainbow Pool Hawk

Monday morning, gathered the gear, and rolled down the Hill to Oakhurst for new tires for Silver...wobbled a bit...no...just plain wobbled! on the way, but new tires fixed the wobble on the way back...thanks to Big O Tires!...anyway, lots of daylight left, and no storm, and rolled over to Groveland for a long planed, but often diverted, overnight visit with friends....much fun, and on rollabouts, saw the neighborhood....one visit was to Rainbow Pool...thereabout, Ranger was releasing Raccoon accidentally trapped while trying to catch Feral Cats...pic....and nearing thereabout, Hawk, Redtail on Snag beside Road...friends are familiar with my routine! and found a pull out....pics...but missed some good Redtail pics when card filled up....lots of souvenir clips and pics....and scenics on return to the Valley....pretty day with clouds from the edges of the storms which are crossing up North....rolling by Bobcat Meadow, sighted Mallards...dropped off gear at the Cabin, returned, and sighted Three Mallards at the Hummocks...pic...still some light, and thought to go see Horsetail Falls, but it's been awhile since I made the Inside Loop to Creek's End...paddled out to Ozone Beach, quiet, and walked along the Merced to the Creek...thereabout, Two Male Mergansers, and One Female Merganser came by flying furiously down river....I wondered if Mergansers were going all the way to Mariposa to the Pond by the Fair Grounds...on the Monday morning rollback, I sighted Ducks there, pulled over, walked back for faraway pics, and thought Mergansers, but reviewing pics tonight, I see Ducks were Golden Eyes, and I now have pics, farfar aways, of Male and Female Golden Eyes...very cool!....this morning, I was out and about early to try and find the Owls near my friends' house, but no luck...but lots of other Birds....Canada Geese, Robins, Starlings, Rosy Finches, Hummingbird, Blue Heron, Acorn Woodpeckers, Egret, Stellar Jay, Scrub Jay, and some calls I couldn't id....saw Buzzbirds over Oakhurst....more visits to Groveland for sometime soon...lots to see in and around the Canyons of the Tuolumne!!

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