Sunday, February 27, 2011

Western Grebe

Or Clark's Grebe! from El Capitan Beach last Tuesday morning...after I parked, I gathered the gear, and paddled along the Beach...sighted digiclip up, another Water Bird swims by....Black Phoebe pair about...looked to have nest in the Low Cliffs...Cormorant fly by...pic...Birds singing in the Brush, but couldn't sight...Tide was in, or would have tide pooled in a small Rocky area...lots to do plans for the day, and so time...continued on 101 with Moro Bay in mind, but saw sign for 166, Bakersfield 122 miles...I had thought going North on the Coast would put me a little closer to Bakersfield, but as it seems, I was on the circumference of a circle with Bakersfield in the decided to take 166 Road...starts out passing a Reservoir Lake, but couldn't see any visitor and then all morning , I'd see Hawk, once maybe Falcon, once maybe even Bigger Wings trying to reach a road killed critter next to traffic, but there was no way to stop on 101, and 166, while a country road, had no pull outs, or even passing lanes...rolled many miles sandwiched between eighteen wheelers...lamenting this, I passed the sign: Corrizo Plain National Monument 2 Miles, and U Turned around to looksee....two miles along the Road, I reached a Visitors explained the 58 Mile Old narrow Road, much of it Graded Dirt, that goes through the Plain and links to 58, which would take me to Bakersfield....a real SomedaySomewhere Road! for sometime...Today: after Breakfast, was dressed warm, and sitting on the Bunk, and, tilted over and took a nap...and feel remiss, as it was a knockdown blueblue after snow fall morning....tomorrowmorrow....

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