Monday, February 21, 2011

Wild Turkeys

Rolling down the hill, sighted Wild Turkeys in the Mid Pines County Park Parking Lot (asked friend how big this Park is, and 'that's it'), pulled into pullout, u turn, parked in the Lot, and chased about after Turkeys!...some cool clips for sometime....after Breakfast at Happy Burger (Mariposa) managed to, with some creative braking, roll pretty much nonstop, except for food and such, all the way to Hwy. 39--99 to 5 to 405....this would be in Orange County, my home--Garden Grove....going the other way, from Magic Mountain to the top of the Grapevine, it was bumpertobumper(the north going lane I observed going south!) which, after business errand finished, diverted me from 405 to Ventura Freeway on trying to return as far as Bakersfield...or something...for a bit there I was hitting too many bumpitybumps, and was honked at--too sleepy!...and so end up where I am about now, somewhere in Santa Barbara!!...seemed like everytime I took an off ramp, there were no motels, or ones there looked uninviting..oh..what a long rollabout!!!...anywayanyway, tomorrowmorrow, a visit to Moro Bay, and then inland to Bakersfied and visit with family....cerulean blue day, with a few puffy clouds--could see all the Mountains surrounding Bakersfield, and at Bolsa Chica Wildlife Refuge, could see Catalina, and Long Beach Skyline distinctly, and I dont think I have everever seen so many cars--it's been nearly 15 years since I really rolled around my Old Home Roads!'s latelate, and for sometime, report and pics of Bolsa Chica (had but an hour to walkabout), and Turkey clips!

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