Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Carrizo Plain Hawk

Oh!, another long day!....early Morning, gathered the gear and rolled out 101, and not far North of Santa Barbara, sighted El Capitan Beach--a visit and looksee...and that's kinda how the whole day went along Ventura Freeway, to 166, across the Carrizo Plain, and 58 to Bakersfield....it wasn't what I thought and planed for, Morro Bay, but if I had known I would venture through the Carrizo Plain, it would have been!!...a very cool place...Wild Flowers not blooming yet, but that time is a definite sometime return visit!!....and too for sometime, pics, clips, and report of the long day....cerulean blue with puff clouds, sorta cool, and clear....Sierra are most always clear, save for fire season, but the last two days in the flat lands, it was just as clear!!....Hawk pic just before I reached 58 on the Carrizo Road...

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