Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rocky Slope

After Breakfast, paddled over to Rocky Slope...scenic pics....around about Camp 4....maybe half a dozen Tents, Snow over a foot deep on the across the Road and half across the Burnt Forest....Snow drifts thereabout up above my knees....and that all wore me out...continued on Snowplowed Pavement and the Path out to Two Top Pine for sometime....and returned along the Merced...scenic pics....along the way: Ravens, Blue Jays, Acorn Woodpecker call, Little Bird call...quiet....and when I neared the Cabin, Deer in the Backyard--Doe right in front of and clips...Siberia Mama Doe and Two Fawns, and Cabin or Last Chance Mama Doe and Fawn, and one more Doe....same Deer at Lower Falls yesterday...all night fluffy flakes, cloudy sunny until late afternoon, and more tiny flakes, clear tonight, warm cool, below freezing late night, which is a concern for Sunday long trip to Southern California for weekend...not quite sure when to leave...Road might be best after work, best meaning not icy slippery, and that would be an all night early morning departure would mean icy road too, and maybe tule fog in the big valley's a business errand, but I would like to go along the Coast on way back...just thinking aloud!!