Friday, February 18, 2011

Lower Falls Deer

After Breakfast, paddled over to the Village...on the way, at Lower Falls, Deer were about--Two Bucks, Siberia Mama Doe and Two Fawns, Cabin, or Last Chance, Mama Doe and One Fawn, and another and clips!....Hundred Blue Jays, Robin call--all I noted!...was looking for Bobcat!, but no luck...snowrain day, cool, snowflakes after dark....problem with clicking on pic to enlarge them has re occurred....posted explanation on Mast....problem is with Microsoft's Security Program, and only shows up with Internet Explorer's kindof an absurdity....brb....

Problem: When a picture in the blog is clicked to enlarge, and when the action happens to send the user to , a flag that says This website has been reported as unsafe is posted by Microsoft.


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