Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lower Falls Bobcat

After Breakfast, Shuttled over to the Village, and just as I stepped off, heard the Shuttle Driver say, 'there's a Bobcat'...oh!...paddled up to the front of the Shuttle, and asked 'where?'....took me awhile to sight Bobcat...first pic up....wanted to get in front, but Ravens came over on attack, and Bobcat trotted over behind the Club House, somewhere!...lost sight, but there was a trail, and followed best I could, all the way to the Hummocks in Bobcat Meadow!!...where I found a second track...but no Bobcat, and in the open Meadow, this was a bit of a puzzle...left off, checked mail, saw even more tracks on the return....but when I did head back to the Cabin through the Oak Grove, sighted Bobcat under a Pine at the Intersection...and was able to follow Bobcat into the Oaks by Owls Old Snag Oak....and thereabout was joined by friend, and photogs began to gather, and cars began to stop and looksee, and, I just sat on the Split Rail Fence awhile after some farfar away pics, and watched....and wait for a notion where Bobcat was headed....a guess was the Lower Falls stop, and I trotted out to the Road, and down the Road, and found a place at the Split Rail Fences to kneel, and wait, wait for the photogs to herd Bobcat my way!....a trick I've learned from previous jams!!....and I got some pics when Bobcat came my way...Bobat will come very close, and not be disturbed...I lost sight, but regained it when I saw the photogs by the Creek Footbridge...Bobcat was just the other side of the Fence, and crouched completely flat, listening. I think....I left off, Bobcat needs to catch food, and is engaged in serious pursuit...tourist find it remarkable that Bobcat can shut out their observing, talking, walking, and clicityclic cameras!.....oh, but Cats are good at this!!....light snowfall off and on all day into the night, and through tomorrow, forecast says....I set the newer camera to Tv, iso 800, with 1250 shuttler speed, and the auto exposure grabbed f stops between 7 and 10....the auto focus missed some of the closest opportunities, and the Fences were in the way, and sometimes running down the Road is a lot of fun hereabout!!

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