Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Xmas (OTI:3poemsandnotes12/24/16)

Open To Interpretation


The Golden Fleece
Was safely stored
In Black Dragon Onyx's
Stone Tower,
It would be under the snow
Covering the other treasures
Waiting on the red stage
Of Crater Origin
For Spring and the Gift Giving.
Black Dragon Onyx and Queen Medea
Were nearly covered by snow too
Having been quiet,
Resting among the empty pillars
Central in the Crater.
It was their wont of late
To sojourn alone together to the Crater
Seeking solitude's melancholy.
Onyx would doze
In and out of the Dragon Dream.
Medea felt his warmth
Beside her
And recalled her sons,
As Onyx remembered his,
There, together, snow showered,
Away from all cares,
Alone in the Northern Reach
With their only care.

Rain Drops

Like ephemeral stars
The rain drops splash up
From the Black Decks
Aglow with the sheen of the
Colored lanterns.


The Homeridae sat huddled
Under oil cloth ponchos
Beneath the Dodona Oak.
Rain falling falling
And they thought to warm
Themselves with conversation.

It is no night to travel...
Our prayers for safe journeys...
From tarp covered wood
They set dry sticks in the
The cuddled campfire.

Poseidon imperils
Athene's Black Ship Navy...
Two, or is it three for now?
Jason's and Theseus'
Black Ships...
Glauce and Ariadne
Captain them...
Just so, to them the Ships belong.
Will the Medea and Liz take sides?
Kannon Captains them both,
Following on to the Northern Reach...
They align with the Dragons...
And the Dragons
With Dulcinea and Medea...
Are the Dragons at war,
Northern with Southern?
Petra has yet to meet Medea...
Neither know the full responsibilities
Of Dragon Queens...
And there is Onyx's grandson
Ametrine carries...
And Aegeous son
Medea carries...
Poseidon would be patron
Of Athens...
And just so held sway from Crete
With the tribute from Athens,
Her virgins for the Minotaur.
Now the Minotaur is slain,
Poseidon and Pasiphae grief stricken.
Through Theseus, Athene undid
Poseidon's and Minos' grip.
By taking the Sword and Sandals,
Onyx and Medea have undone Theseus,
Athene's hope.
Will Poseidon enlist Medea?
Or will Athene?
Medea's son by Aegeus
Will be heir to the throne of Athens...
Poseidon has one recruit,
The Black Ship for
Minos and Pasiphae.
Athene seeks more...
And Poseidon will need more...
Such is preparation for war.

Colored Lanterns

Black Dragon Ametrine's
Nest was done
And towered over Ishi's Village
Next to Ametrine's cave in
The Rocky Slope.
The Flight had assembled it
For Ametrine
And it glittered with treasures.
Guided by the Flight
She nestled down on the Nest.
After a day she laid her egg,
Rested over it,
Stretched and mantled her wings,
Folded them,
Tucked her head under one wing
And dreamed Dragon dreams.
It would be awhile.
Oh, but not too long
Before Ishi's Village
Awoke in the night
To the sound
Of hatchling Black Dragon roars.
The Villagers gathered around
The tall glittering nest
Aglow with colored corposants,
Lanterns harvested from Black Ships,
And sang Dragon songs,
Pet roaring to the choruses.


Notes: Cares...Thomas Jefferson had a travail, and for solace would just ride about on his horse...granted the Founding Father's estates were supported by slave labor, as were ancient Greece's aristocracy, but what a marvel of a time colonizing a new world!...Rain Drops...was looking out from Denny's window, my usual wont!, at the rare heavy rainfall, cars all dashing about splashing...rain gives asphalt streets a charm, like nightfall over city lights...Preparations...miss poking up the "authors in eternity"'s names...they too!...but when the chorus is inclined to go on and on, they'll just be chorus...always thought of the Black Dragon nests as being decorated like Xmas trees, and...well, here it is, Xmas Eve!...Merry Christmas!



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