Wednesday, December 7, 2016

OTI:three poems and note:11/7/16

Open To Interpretation

(Laughing out loud)

How to say,
It's like
Beyond that,
It's a rock and roll band.
Always wanted to be
In a band
On a stage
Why not?
No need to be shy,
And melodies are easy to carry
For when you're carried away.

Next To Never

Next to never
Sat improbable:
Marriage impossible.


Morning came
And noon
And in the afternoon
The Southern Flight arrived
To find Hephaestus alone
Aboard Medea's Black Ship.
Ishmael and Black Dragon Beryl
Dropped off Petra
On Black Ship Liz
And then
Alighted aboard Black Ship Medea.
"Things are not what they seem."
Said Hephaestus.
"So I've heard."
Said Ishmael.
"My sympathies are with Medea. "
Said Hephaestus,
"Her future peril
I thought to accompany
And deter.
The harpoons were a mechanical error."
"So," Ishmael laughed,
"Another Nemo you would seem."
The Nautilus had come along side,
And Nemo joined
Ishmael and Hephaestus.
Too, Kannon arrived on
Black Dragon Pet.
"I am not of your ability,
Nemo." said Hephaestus.
"Your Nautilus a marvel beyond.
I thought to impress,
But my automaton scrub brushes
Made a mess."
"Just so," said Nemo
"The hazard of mechanical things."
"And your compensation, Hepahestus."
Added Kannon.
"Yes, from my lameness." said Hephaestus,
"On Olympus, my limp
Is always mocked.
If not with words
Then with looks."
"So is seeming cruel,
And creative." said Kannon.
"Would you prefer an even gait
If you could, Hephaestus?"
"That you can grant?"
Hephaestus asked.
"Easily."  Kannon said.
Petra arrived
On a borrowed Black Dragon,
And Pet ran to her
Across the Black Deck,
And Petra scratched Pet
Under her chin.
"My apologies, Queen Petra."
Said Hephaestus.
"Done is done."
Said Petra,
"For me,
A night swim,
For Pet and the Flight
It was grim."
"Captain Kannon," Hephaestus said
"In penance
I will remain lame."
"So you will!" said Pet,
Taking Hephaestus hands
In her mouth,
Crushing the fingers of both.


Note: it's Pearl Harbor Day...USS New Jersey, BB-62, was nicknamed 'Black Dragon'...


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