Monday, December 5, 2016

OTI:one poem and notes:12/5/16

Open To Interpretation

Never Trust A Blue Blue Sky

The Black Sea was calm
Under a blue blue sky
And cold winds blew
But no ruffled waves
And the black sails slack
And the white sun shone
From the zenith
Down on the Black Ships.
Hephaestus dismounted
From his Great Eagle
And joined Jason,
Orpheus, Creon, and Glauce,
At the Black Ship Argo's bow.
"I can't hear, Hephaestus!"
Said Jason,
"These winds so loud,
I can't hear, I can't think.
What is happening, Hephaestus?
It was night,
And now a sudden,
High noon day!
And these winds, Hephaestus,
They howl into our ears
But nothing moves!
Hephaestus!  Why did your automatons
Throw the harpoons,
And hazard Petra and her Black Dragon?
No sooner they fell to the waves
Than that night
Became this wind screaming day!
What have you done,
Olympian Hephaestus?"
Hephaestus looked down
At the Black Deck,
Daring not to meet Jason's gaze,
And shrugged.
"Automatons are automatons,"
Hephaestus said,
"And mistook Petra for a threat.
You did steal her ship."
"Not so," Jason said
"It came of its own accord
When we left Harbor with Argo,
And Medea's Black Ship
Gifted to Glauce.
I can't think,
This wind...
Hephaestus, did your scrub brushes
Beguile the Black Ship Liz
To follow us?
Hephaestus? Speak!"
Hephaestus stood downcast
And silent.
The winds howled.
The Black Ships' Ravens and Gulls,
All aloft,
Swung wildly riding the winds.
The Dodona plank was speaking from the prow...
"I can't hear a thing, Orpheus,"
Jason said,
"What is Athene saying?"
"I can hear," said Orpheus,
"But understanding is for you, Jason.
She says:
'What is yours
Is yours.
What isn't
What is ours
Is ours.
What is
And the plank was quiet.
"Clear those damned scrub brushes
From the Black Decks!" commanded Jason.
The Argo's crew set about the task
And Hephaestus flew to Black Ship Liz,
And Glauce's  Black Ship gifted
By Medea,
And his automatons
Collected up the scrub brushes
And tossed them in the sea.
The Ravens and Gulls
Returned to the riggings
And the winds died down.
"Ah, I can think again,"
Said Jason,
"Be that as it may...
Glauce, as proof of my love for you,
You would have me slay Medea,
Revenge her cruelty to you
And your father, Creon?
Medea's cruelty
Was mine as well,
You were innocents.
Strangers in your land,
I thought Medea, our children,
Would find home,
Family, tribe,
Through my second marriage to you,
"My daughter's will is mine,"
Said Creon.
"Medea wrapped her in torment,
And I as well incidentally."
"That pain is passed,
Erased by Athene."
Said Jason.
"Yes, our skins are whole,
Said Creon,
"But still writhe my thoughts."
"Glauce, is it so with you?"
Said Jason.
"My father I obey.
I love you Jason." said Glauce.
"I love you Glauce." said Jason,
"Your father together we follow.
We sail on,
If sail on we can,
With the Black Ship Argo alone.
Leave the Black Ship Liz
And Glauce's Black Ship
Gifted by Medea
For the Southern Flight to find.
Surely they pursue,
They're minds writhing
With the loss of Petra
And Black Dragon Pet."
And it was night again,
The white sun a white moon
At the zenith over the Black Sea,
And the Black Ship Argo continued
Dark wind blown, black sails full.
Black Ship Liz
And Glauce's Black Ship
Gifted by Medea,
Adrift, left behind
For the Southern Flight to find.


Notes: reference Euripide's play Medea...I just don't know what to do with the bunch on land...yet...reference BDT poem Lateral Lines...



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