Tuesday, December 13, 2016

OTI:one poem and notes:12/13/14

Open To Interpretation

Each Time

Each time I see you
A tear comes to my eye.
Just between you and I,
I'll touch my hand to my cheek
When I say hello
And goodbye.


Notes: got home too late last night to do up a 12/12/37 remember the Panay post...I went to see Carah Faye at the echoplex!...took note from her facebook page that a show was on at a nighclub on Sunset Blvd. in LA for Monday night...and, well, I've never been to an old time LA rock and roll night club...though the echoplex is likely new, it's old school...all black inside like a Disney scary ride...a Black Ship!...email ticket, ten bucks, said 8pm, so left at 6pm from town for the scary ride to LA...I don't go on freeways much at night, and going into the heart of LA is just such... echoplex is likely after Echo Park just down the street...actually, as the ticket noted, one enters through an ally way on Glendale...arrived thereabout about 7:40 and waited in line, just a bit back from the front...more fans arrived, and what, maybe a hundred?...we didn't fill the place up by a long shot, so likely a disappointment to the bands, BEGINNERS and Weathers...but it was really nice...one could be sixteen to get in the door...just couldn't get drinks from the bar...I of course as usual a fish out of water...but the small crowd meant I could stand close to the stage...and I got a really nice clip with my iphone4...gonna take awhile to translate it to youtube...don't know but I might dust off my critter clip skills and hang out in nightclubs taking rock and roll clips!...no one seems to object, and I'll link one of the night here already up...the one I took is in portrait mode, which is how it should be...but youtube prefers landscape...anyway, it was all much fun, and got there and back okay, though the engine warning light in Silver my jeep is on again...it does that, off and on, now and then...half to laugh, note when the lights lightning flash...tall fellow on the left with his hat bill up high...that's me...I flipped it around later, which seemed the common thing to do...oh, it was loud...thought I knew what loud could be...



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