Saturday, December 31, 2016

OTI:six poems and notes:12/31/16 Happy New Year

Open To Interpretation


So, so
I am a ghost
Goes boo
Ghosts do.
I sing of your glory
Rather than my story.
Don't think
Sometimes I don't
Want to just sit
On my hands
And close my eyes.
Corny as it is
It is
It is.


So, so
Our happy illusions satisfied,
They note in the spreadsheets
In the theater dark,
Millions toted
Any comprehension
We will ever have
Of alien worlds.


So, so
Did I lift you off your feet?
It was a cheat,
I caught you unawares,
And set you down quick,
Making my retreat.

This And That

So, so
What's beneath this,
And above that,
In our
Tit for tat?

Corn Dog

So, so
I went to the
Corn Dog Castle
Where Corn Dogs Rule
And got a corn dog
While I thought of you.

Birth Place

Ahead in the night,
Wide scattered,
The Dragon Towers
Began to appear,
Aglow with corposant lanterns.
"Where will we find them?"
Asked Hephaestus,
As his Great Eagle
Approached the
Northern Reach.
"Not a problem,"
Said Petra.
"I was born here."
And she looked up at the Stars.


Notes: went to Target...dogfood, sox, milk, bread, peanut butter...weary of fast food and restaurants...I don't cook...thought is to survive on 'kibbles' was nearing dark, and I remembered I haven't been over to the Parks to see the Xmas Trees...I say Parks as I discovered they both have identical was a ceremony to deliver the one to in front of Main Street Train boss in Deco would go to Oregon to select one, and when it came down, Deco would go right to work decorating it...and then the ceremony...the front of the crane was fitted out with a holder, the kind a flag bearer wears, a notch for the base of the Tree...and the crane would be extended high up forward, and the hook linked by cable to near the top of the Tree...and then the creep began, from way in back of Small World, through the gates, passed the Matterhorn, and on down Main Street to the little circular park thereabout below the Train Station...riggers would walk along on either side with ropes up to the Tree to keep it from swaying...whole thing like when they take a moon rocket out to the gantry from the assembly building...very, I come out of the tunnel beneath the Train Station, and the Tree is still up, but not lit...still a little light...but just as I lamented this, the announcer announced the Tree is to be lit...a fanfare, some flashes, and all the lights came on!...have clip of this!...very, so I wandered about the Park awhile, crowded, not packed...drizzly rain...usually New Year's Eve is packed...'more than Xmas' a vendor explained...just so, I recall...but rain, and inclement weather canceled the Electric Parade...sold out were the coolest Mickey had 20, and the other 17, and they glowed...rode three rides!...Big Thunder, Pirates, Jungle Boat...and meandered over to the other Park, California Adventure...and rode two rides there, Little Mermaid, and Buzz Lightyear's Shooting Gallery, or something...51,000 my score...really wanted to hear the live bands, but my feet wore out, so took the bus back to the parking lot...miss the old tram rides out to ones car...back by 9:30, fed Maya my dog, and snuggled in...



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