Sunday, January 1, 2017

OTI:one poem:1/1/17

Open To Interpretation

In The Great Room

In the Great Room
Of Onyx's Tower
One lantern shown nearby
Medea seated,
Her newborn on her lap.
Around were the artists,
Small lanterns beside each
As they inscribed the backs
Of bronze mirrors with
Portraits of Medea with her child.
In the shadows Onyx
Loomed large,
Sleeping, dreaming.
And there was a "tap tap"
At the Bronze Doors,
Tall and wide enough
For two Black Dragons
To enter in procession.
"I'll go see!" said Medea's Nurse.
And she opened a smaller door,
Human size,
The larger ones contained.
Petra and Hephaestus,
With the Great Eagle behind,
Stood outside in the snow.
Awakened, Onyx
Peered over the Nurse's
Shoulder through the door.
"It's been a long time, Onyx."
Said Petra.
Onyx grumbled,
Some flame, some smoke,
And said,
"Dulcinea.  Come in.
Leave that mechanical thing
"Come, Hephaestus,"
Said Petra,
"He didn't mean you."
Medea offered,
And Petra took
Medea's newborn in her arms.
There was a murmur
Among the artists.
'What is it Pausias?"
Asked Medea.
"We would like
You and Queen Petra
To pose together."
Said Pausias.
"Just so we will."
Said Medea
"And share."
"And for you,
Said Petra,
"I have a message:
Black Dragon Ametrine
Carries your grandson."
Black Dragon Onyx roared
And the Tower shook.




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