Thursday, January 12, 2017

OTI:cement river:1 poem:3 pics and note:1/12/17

Returning to my neighborhood after breakfast at Denny's, the cat under the shopping cart caught my 'photog' eye...reached home and got my canon D-20 and went back...usually, the fellow who camps here is about, often curled up sleeping, sometimes in a little camping tent, and if he had been, I would have tipped him...and not just for this photo, but too the long poem I posted up awhile back in OTI that he configured in(Bookends)...I did tip the fellow who sells flowers under the freeway bridge by the Sycamore, this by Denny's...he had been in a couple OTI poems too(Flowers For Sale, Radial Way)...took the flowers to the aboveandbelow...anyway, taking the cat pic, reminded me I wanted to take a pic of the water in the Santa Ana River, and too the growing sprawling campout on the river bank nearabout the Big A and Honda Center...thereabout is a real whipsaw contemplation...California just surpassed France as the worlds sixth largest economy...there's a kind of gated community mentality that prevents reaching out to campers, somewhat like that 'the poor are always with us' some picnic tables, barbecue stands, fire rings, campground shower and toilet facilities, a ranger patrol, and the entire length of the Santa Ana river could be a rescue for the growing overboard crowd...Los Angeles has the San Gabriel River, and I imagine other cities have self similar campgroundable locales...but that would make failing, losing, too comfortable, to some...I've seen medical bills wipe co workers out in a day...if one thinks the hard ground under an open sky is far away, think again...then again, Sierra sorts kind of prefer it!
Beat Poem
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