Saturday, January 7, 2017

OTI:five poems and notes:1/7/17

Open To Interpretation

from Black Dragon Lore

The points of Black Ship Harpoons
Are sharp as a needle
And numerous as a Porcupine's spines.
The Harpoons are held flat
Along the hull, across the sails,
And during a Black Dragon attack
They extend with such speed
As to become airborne,
Striking Dragons.
Not to be deterred
In their harvest of
Black Ship Lanterns,
Black Dragons are adept
At dodging Black Ship Harpoons.
Now, Black Ships seek human crews
With Harpoon skills.
Minds combined,
Air and Sea together,
A Harpoon thrown by humans
Doesn't miss its mark.
Black Dragons avoid
Crewed Black Ships
In their pursuit
Of Corposant Lanterns.

from Black Dragon Lore

Black Ship Sails
Are like crepe
Strung with neon rigging
Like open to the wind filigree
On masts like stems
Of black thistles.

from Black Dragon lore

Black Ship Corposants
Shoot out from the Masts
And can devastate Black Dragons
And are a Black Ship's truest defense.
Lesser corposants held in Lanterns
Bejewel a Black Ship with
Warm and colorful illumination.
Corposant Lanterns
Are sought after treasures
By Black Dragons to light their Towers and Nests.


Sing to a Black Dragon
And Dragon be still
Sing on a Black Ship
And gallop it will!

White Marble

White marble is beautiful
And fundamental
Like bone:
Athena's tall columned temple
On the Acropolis,
The storied colors
Long ago
Wind and rain washed away.


Notes: reference Scottish Thistle...reference 3-D Graphene!...ral...



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