Thursday, January 19, 2017

OTI:two poems and notes:1/19/17

Open To Interpretation


I am where I am
Where you are,
Let's not go on
About my unnamed stars.
Are my stars the less
Unnamed as theirs are named?
I could study
And travel each name's
Bridge to each thing
And my night mapped,
Arrayed like a lighted city,
And I would know each lamp's
Address colossally.
I could deliver mail in starships,
Or message out
Faster than light warnings
For unpaid bills,
Or write elucidating labels
For fauna and flora
Brought back by stellar adventurers.
I am where I am
Near where you are,
This black ceiling we know
Above our dancing
Once decorated with faux clouds
And sparkly rhinestone stars.


"Greeks have put ashore
From a Black Ship."
Whispered the fisherman in Pausias' ear.
Pausias brush stroke paused
In depicting a Black Dragon
In flight among dark
Lightning streaked clouds.
Black Dragon Onyx, quiet, looked on,
As the artists worked on the mural,
The Battle With The Black Ship,
But took note.
"A Black Ship along our shores,"
Onyx said,
"Is not unusual.
It's winter, and Dragons dream."
Pausias set his brush down,
"Tell Onyx too what you know."
Said Pausias.
"Armed with harpoons they come."
Said the fisherman,
"And one with a lyre,
Out front, in the lead."
Said Pausias.
"Yes, with Creon, Glauce,
And Jason in tow."
Said the fisherman.
Onyx snorted smoke,
"I know them."
Said Onyx,
"What do they want?"
"Medea and the Golden Fleece."
Said the fisherman.
Onyx closed his eyes
And across the Northern Reach
On all the Towers
Black Dragons left off
From the Dream,
Returning to What Seems.


Notes: hmmph...studying the Iliad and the Odyssey, I find epics have 24 books...not just twelve...hmmph...and I tried to fathom dactylic hexameter...apparently, the old poets were so familiar with the form that it came naturally, and likely they learned it 'by ear', much as musicians pick up music...if nothing else, maybe I can learn the old Greek alphabet, and be able to sound out words, and sentences/lines...I thought to write some 'fragments' in lines rhymed and with syllable counts...dactylic hexameter...the rhetoricians have an elaborate vocabulary for each things, much as dictionary definitions begin with notations on how to pronounce a word...I don't know the notation!...and a bit fearful if I study it out, the study will turn me into a fughead!...hence 'Colossally'...a contemplation...



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