Tuesday, January 31, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:1/31/17

Open To Interpretation

The Battle of Drepana

Consulted as to the progress
Of the battle soon at hand,
The chickens wouldn't eat.
Not just any chickens,
The auspicious ones;
And the superstitious
Inauspicious crews
Went off their feed too.
Auspicious or not,
The captain threw
The chickens overboard,
"Bibant, quoniam esse nolunt."
The old Romans
Had a way with words,
And the Carthaginians
Had their way
With the Roman fleet
That day.
"If they won't eat,
Let them drink.",
Said the captain
To explain his impiety.


Notes: well, I don't want to drift away from the "I and You" back and forth poems...I do on occasion just 'post hole' into old history stuff, and it's a tradition too to turn a phrase on some history stuff...Shakespeare et al...hmmph...found the Battle tale just double checking the spelling of Drepana...that and mulling the disaster in Yemen...which would have been in big type on old newspaper news...it's worse, much worse, than Jimmy Carter's helicopter rescue 'mess'...but it's getting a pass...and no one mentions the cost of the Osprey...and by no one I mean the journalists posting up the tale...search the girl's name today's date...somewhere between 75 and 100 million...and it's not like I'm new to history stuff...there's Yemen/JFK/Saudi stuff way back there...and they say Iran too, then, and now...Iran tests a ballistic missile and it gets a big say...okay...but Iran has already put satellites into orbit...seems a bit late...seems everyone slow on the uptake...at least the Romans had chickens to consult!



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