Thursday, February 2, 2017

OTI:two poems and notes:2/2/17

Open To Interpretation


It's cold outside.
And I find a folding chair
And sit right beneath
The propane heater
Lantern on a pole,
And listen.


I clap thin poetry books
Like seals their flippers.
Oh, together,
What we shared
For sardines and
A bottle of beer

Notes: at the Orange County Poetry readings when there's a slam, each poet gets three did well the first round, then asked to come up to continue, they refused...they didn't have more poems, or were shy, whatever...'extemporize' I called out, but no luck...walking back to the car, I wondered if I could have 'extemporized', and thought one up...Warm...I had gone back inside with my pizza and fettuccini, just before the start, as it was cold waiting, and one of the poets took note and gave me a headsup to come back...nice...didn't stay for the prize award, and more readings, tangled up myself with my own thoughts...there are calls going out for 'resistance' and such...a smile to see park rangers getting uppity...where you been all this time!?...anyway, I don't want folk chanting my a bit shy on the rebellious pursuit...upshot of which is often besmirched reputations in a time when reputations mean a paycheck and food on the table...wouldn't want someone starving on my account...poems don't put bread on the table...nonetheless...been there and done that...hence Applause, a reminisce...



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