Tuesday, February 28, 2017

OTI:five poems and notes:2/28/17

Open To Interpretation


The days come and go
Like moving clouds' shadows
Over the scenes below.
A few to my right
And to my left
I can see,
I know there are more
Besides me.
We take it all in
And contemplate,
Permanent as we are.
Dread the day
When we take wing.


I fell asleep
With my gum
And now it's there
In my tum.

It's Okay

It's okay
To name your rock band
Tame, Timid,
Civilized, Devout,
Virgin, Prude.
I could go on,
As they do,
Announcing who they are
With screams and shouts.
And whose to say
Lullabies are fey?
It's okay.


We all pray sometime,
Buy a lotto ticket
At least one time.
Luck's wisdom can
Sometime finds us,
So we've heard.


"I've need of another author."
Said Nemo,
"If you will, Melville,
Have a seat beside
Our navigator."
Melville sat beside Verne,
With a quizzical look.
Verne looked like a cat
Seeing a mouse.
"And you, Dana,
Stand behind
With close regard,
Triplicate doesn't hurt."
Continued Nemo,
"I've need of your
Editorial prowess.
What presents, shortly,
Before my navigator,
Must be absolutely identical.
When the three of you
See the two shows match perfectly,
Okay, we go.
Some copy error,
And there's no telling
When we'll be.
My navigator knows these ropes,
As ropes they are,
To then and there,
So, list to his advances."
Dana and Melville felt the fools,
Petra smiled, said,
"You two will do."
She turned to Nemo,
"We go see now?"
"Surely," said Nemo
And led Petra's troop
Up to the Nautilus'
Two windows.
And the Nautilus
Left off from Harbor's wharf,
Beneath sleeping Volcano Never,
Into the center of the bay,
And sank
And sank
And sank
One mile
"I see one!"
Said Queequig.
"Just so," said Nemo
"Be ready below!" he called to his crew,
And the Nautilus neared the
Black Rose.
Black Roses float about
In the deepest ocean depths,
Some small, some large,
All of a size to dwarf the Nautilus.
The Nautilus neared
And the Rose
Shimmered brighter its
Bioluminescent colors,
Deep reds greens blues.
Petra sang her ocean tune.
"Hold the railings for the bump!"
Said Nemo.
They availed the railings before
The two great round windows.
"Navigator, with the Match!"
Nemo shouted down.
"Looks good, and you?"
Said Verne to Melville.
Melville studied the Black Hull
Before them,
One Black Rose image
Was beside another,
But were different
Reds greens blues,
And then coincided and superimposed.
"Dana, you see?" said Verne.
"Yes!" said Dana, "the same!"
"We all agree?" said Verne.
"Yes!" said Dana and Melville.
"Match!" Verne called out.
And the Nautilus leaped
Into a petal of the Black Rose,
Knocked Dana to his butt,
And popped out another petal
Of another Black Rose.
And the Nautilus
Went up and up and up,
And surfaced in the bay,
Volcano Never overhead
Smoking and fuming.
Nautilus pulled up to
A long thin dock,
All there was then
Where Harbor's Village
And wharf is now.


Notes: Guardians...hmmph....Gum...for fun...It's Okay...I've got a ticket to Shiny Toy Guns this Friday!...Carah Faye!...at the Regency Theater in LA...it says GA, general admission, no seat number, and is a resale, and a bit in doubt, I looked up youtube for a band performance there that would show the seating...it's free standing like the echoplex!...so, a thought to get there early...make a long day of it and take in some of the museums, I'm thinking...as it happened, the band I happened on just to see the interior of the theater, is a 'grindcore' band...surely, the genre that is giving Pat Robertson, and the President, pause!...rock and roll band names are like race horses' names are like video games' toons names...everyone of those names I just came up with casually off the top of my head, are in fact names of real bands...did the web searches...even 'It's okay'...even, sort of, Lullabies are Fey...searching that, I found the tales of the album "Lullabies From The Axis Of Evil"...


Lullabies from the Axis of Evil (2004) is an album collecting traditional lullabies sung by women from Iraq, Iran, and North Korea ("the axis of evil"), as well as Syria, Libya, and, Cuba ("beyond the axis of evil"), plus Afghanistan and Palestine, mixed with Western performers singing translated versions of the songs.



hmmph...Luck...hmmph...Match...these posts go on as reading back over them the old efforts compel me to continue least they become lost loves but they put me in a box everyday not knowing what to continue to say until I improvise some escape, and so another, as Hemingway might say...oh, I lost the quote...one fellow went on that a writer should never know for sure what they are going to write next, and that's so, I find...it is improvisation, much, somewhat like the Drew Carey wonderful comedy Show...



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