Tuesday, February 7, 2017

OTI:five poems and notes:2/7/17

Open To Interpretation

Grey As Ash

Grey as volcanic ash
And transparent as a wave
Black Ship Argo stood
Off from the seashore
Of the Northern Reach.
The skeleton crew of
Jason's Greeks
Left behind to guard
Fled when the
Black Dragons flew in
And harvested.
Stripped of corposants,
A Black Ship has only with
The Winds and Currents to wander
And slowly replenish as the
Ravens and Gulls
Find happenstance food.
Not a Harpoon by the Greeks flew,
And Black Ship Argo too,
Surprised by the Dragon's swiftness,
Made no response.
Months pass
Before Corposant Lanterns regrow,
Their many colors again
Reflect on Argo's Black Deck,
Now pale.

Make Me Deaf

Said Onyx,
"Make me deaf."
"How so?" said Dulcinea.
"The Flight has disabled the Argo,
Corposants harvested,"
Said Onyx.
"But the bands of Greeks ashore
Grow near, and the Flight dare not,
For fear.
That instrument."
"Orpheus Lyre," said Pausias.
"The same.  Make me deaf."
Said Onyx.
Dulcinea could only think to do injury
And hesitated.
"Your wax, Pausias."
Said Medea.
"Hurry, the Flight too bold
Is now enthralled,
And strains I begin to hear."
Said Onyx.
Pausias took the hot
Prepared bee's wax for his painting
And poured it into Onyx's ear canals
As Onyx lowered his head.
Onyx snorted flame and smoke
And roared, Pausias blown back
On his butt, eyebrows singed.
"Medea, Dulcinea, with me,"
Said Onyx, and thought,
"Benitoite too,
Bring your son, Medea."
The two hopped aboard Onyx,
Benitoite nestled between
Dulcinea and Medea.
And the double Dragon Doors
Of the Tower's Great Room were opened.

Black Olives

Black Dragons were everywhere,
Radiating outward and immobile,
Like a basket of black olives
Spilled on the snow.
"Are they alive?"
Said Dulcinea.
"I don't know, and now too
I hear the lyre." said Medea.
"And strangely so,
Only one melody bar
That keeps repeating."
With her legs
Dulcinea told Onyx to
Keep circling
As she and Medea tried
To discern what was below.
"I see no Greeks." said Medea.
"Some mystery this,
All the Dragons transfixed."
"Go see!" Dulcinea urged Onyx on
And they descended quickly
To the center of the scene.

Something Hephaestus Made

"Something Hephaestus made,"
Said Medea,
And kicked the thing,
And the one bar melody ceased.
The Northern Black Dragons
Released from the one bar tune
Pulled in close around
Onyx, Medea, and Dulcinea.
Onyx scratched at his ear
With his foot.
"Wait," said Dulcinea.
"This will take a bit."
She made a fire with her kit,
And with a flaming torch
Warmed Onyx's ears
As he turned his head
This way and that.
Onyx snorted flame and smoke
And roared.
"Hmmph," said Onyx,
"Now a life of monkish silence
Dragons seek,
And all because of these Greeks.
Enough of human tunes and treasures.
Medea, they have the Tower,
The Sword, the Sandals, the Fleece,
Such was Pausias' deceit."
"Just so,"said Medea.
"The Northern Flight goes now
To our Dragon Hold,"
Said Onyx,
"And learns the path of the deaf.
There we will think this through
And see our way."
Medea hopped aboard Onyx's neck.
"Dulcinea?  Come with?" said Medea.
"I am Petra,
Queen of the Southern Flight,
They must be warned."
Said Dulcinea.
"Just so, my grandson Ametrine
In your care,"
Said Onyx,
"And those who care for you
Draw near."
Medea thought, and said,
"Take Benitoite with you
Away from these Greek dangers."
"Just so," said Dulcinea.
Onyx opened his wings,
Lifted off,
And the whole of the
Northern Black Dragon Flight
Followed on upwards from the snow
With a great roar.

Leave It To Rust

Quequig gave Dulcinea
A hug
And set her down beside Ishmael.
"What is it?" said Ishmael,
As they examined Hephaestus'
Mechanical lyre.
"I know not,"
Said Dulcinea,
"A bane to Dragons
And to us as well.
Leave it to rust."
And Dulcinea with her crew,
All singing, Benitoite delighted,
Seated in Quequig's backpack,
Returned to Black Ship Liz
Waiting by the seashore
Of the Northern Reach.


Notes: hmmph...update1/9: Quequig's backpack...



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