Sunday, February 26, 2017

OTI:three poems and notes:2/26/17

Open To Interpretation

Pip's Song

Deep within the
Deep blue sea
Swim the finny fish,
And deeper still
In the inky deepest depths
The Black Roses of Time drift.

The Library of Eternity

The interior
Was steampunk furnished,
Much velvet upholstered seats,
Reds greens blues;
The Nautilus decorated with Nemo's
Favorite treasures:
Paintings, antiques, bric a brac.
Petra smiled,
"You have Black Dragons' tastes."
"Yes, for music too...some songs
For sometime?" Nemo asked.
Melville took note of a crewman
Reading at his station.
"Verne?" Melville asked.
"Shhh..." said Verne.
Nemo swept his hand
Over the hull wall
In front of Verne
And the book page disappeared,
And appearing were countless book
Titles on ornate
Covers and end bindings.
"Eternity's Library," said Nemo,
And singled out Aeschylus.
"The Nautilus' hull wall is like a Black Deck!"
Said Melville.
"It is a Black Deck," said Nemo,
"The Nautilus is a Black Ship,
These accoutrements for our comforts
Mere equipage."
Nemo touched the Black Hull
And Verne's book
Retuned to view.
Nemo smiled to Verne and said,
"Far be it from me
To interrupt you."


The why of things
Is not always determined.
No matter,
Save to those
Who would know how they arrive.


Notes: hmmph...midnightmovie last night was Prometheus2012, Ridley Scott's might think I lifted things from this for Black Ship lore, as there are Black Deckish, I hadn't seen it, though I have seen Alien, and some of the sequels movies, which indeed this one is a precursor...and well done, though much lifted from the first one!, Alien1979!...and of course every movie with an alien ship, or planet, has 'discovery' deepest influences being Nemo explaining the Nautilus in Disney's 20,000 Leagues1954, and Morbius explaining the Krell and their technology in Forbidden Planet1956...standard lore for every sci fi buff!...I add little new, only revel in the old notions! Bill Paxton...while living with my sister, we had watched all our video tapes multiple times, and when asking which one to watch, again, it was often, 'oh, put Twister on, again!'...



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