Saturday, February 18, 2017

OTI:two poems and notes:2/18/17

Open To Interpretation


Did they say,
"The Cathedrals are ostentatious,
More than a few
See Adams in you,
The play of Light.
I tell you, inside
My head's like Night,
A moonless forest,
And I have just a flashlight.
A gallery my brain
To make The Louvre
The Valley a strip mall.
You'd both on that agree,
Setting your tripods
Up inside me.
Pretentious I'm being
As all we are reading
The play of Thought.

Upside Down

I can't say a thing
Without it being
Upside down
Of what I feel.
If I knelt,
Would that work?
And introduce my
Sincere opposite,
Would you take me for that?
Not likely.


Notes: reference Claude Monet and his paintings of  Rouen Cathedral, reference Ansel Adams and Zones...



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