Wednesday, February 15, 2017

OTI:two poems and notes:2/15/17

Open To Interpretation

Fire And Smoke

And the Greeks' Black Ships,
Current dragged,
Arrived at the Northern Reach shore
Beside the pale Black Ship Argo.
In the fog, the crews all clambered
Overboard in their bands
And willy nilly, fog blind,
Bumped into one another.
Swords were drawn,
Harpoons at the ready,
But the sheer confusion
Of circumstance
Stayed their hands.
The sun like a silver shining shield
Began to glow from above
As the fog lifted somewhat
Becoming the wild scene's roof.
"Have you a tune to charm Greeks
As well as Black Dragons,
Orpheus?" said Jason.
Jason's band had arrived
From raiding Onyx's Tower
To the sea bluff
Overlooking the Greeks below.
Before Orpheus could answer,
Quequig's Harpoon took
The Lyre from his hands
And pinned it to the ground.
Ishmael astride Black Dragon Beryl,
His harpoon across his lap,
Looked on. Following on,
Petra and her crew gathered about
Ishmael and Beryl,
Harpoons at the ready.
"Leave in peace." said Petra.
"Would that we could," said Glauce.
"Black Ship Argo is pale,
Creon, my father,
Would have Medea's head,
And those Greeks below
Would have the Sword and Sandals,
To say nothing of the Fleece."
"Like a seaweed tangled pile
Rotting, these Greeks bring
Black lies like flies
To our shores."
Said Onyx, returned from
Dragon Hold.
"Take your compatriots with."
Said Onyx.
From behind Petra's crew
Pausias and those Greeks with him
Came forward and joined
Jason and his bunch.
Recognition dawned among
The Greeks on the bluff
And on the beach
As they saw old friends,
Old enemies,
All a welcomed sight in a far away land.
Neither Minos nor Theseus could
Stay them from setting
Aside their weapons
To greet and meet.
Distracted so, their Black Ships unguarded
Were easily boarded by the
Crews from Black Ships
Liz and Medea,
Calypso and Nemo overseeing.
"Where is Medea?" said Creon.
"Better to ask where you are."
Said Petra.
Creon thought,
"Just so." said Creon.
"Glauce, we leave off dragging
The Golden Fleece about,
Better friend the Black Dragons,
And leave the Fleece,
And Medea, in their care."
Glauce hugged her father,
And with Jason embraced.
"Not empty handed you leave us,
The Sword and Sandals take with you."
Said Petra,
"What is yours is yours."
"Hmmph." Onyx said,
And snorted smoke
And fire and roared.

Home Again

It was crowded aboard
King Alcinous Black Ship
But it was larger than
Most Black Ships
And accommodated
All the Greeks on the gallop
Back to the Little Middle Sea,
Odysseus the last to be
Set ashore on Ithaca,
Home again.


Notes: putting flowers in a vase!



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