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OTI:three poems and notes:1/25/17

Open To Interpretation

John Oliver Reviews
Prometheus Bound

Might and Violence!
Holy shit!
You go, Aeschylus
You go!


Unfortunate it seems
To the proud
That to be humble
One has had to be


Melville sat on the edge of the
At Harbor beneath
Volcano Never
And read a
Prometheus Bound by
A sunny day,
And his wide brimmed hat
Shaded his
So bound to his reading,
He didn't notice
Nemo, Petra, Ishmael, Dana,
Queequig and Pip
All trooping
On their way to board
The Nautilus.
Ned had cleared a long space
Along the wharf
In the hurly burly of
Crewman loading supplies.
The bundles of
Black Ship Harpoons
Had caught his eye
And he thought to give
Some impromptu lessons
To green crew members,
The noobs.
Some empty barrels for targets,
A long way off
Down the wharf,
Made for the demonstration.
"Trick is," said Ned,
"Trick is to learn
Not to knock the barrels over,
Or make them go 'poof'."
In a quick motion
Ned grabbed a harpoon
Flung it
And a barrel went 'poof'
In a corposant flash and boom
That consumed both
Barrel and harpoon.
"Black Ship Harpoons
Feel what you feel."
Said Ned.
"Times are when you'll
Want your target to go poof
But for that
You must conquer your fears.
In the distance,
Nemo with the rest
Neared the barrels.
"Captain!" Ned called out,
"If you will?"
Nemo stood
Before a barrel,
And in one motion
Ned grabbed a harpoon and
Flung it.
In a rush
It rode the air,
But nearing Nemo
It slowed like an arrow
Reaching the apex
Of a straight up flight
And fell to the wharf
At Nemo's feet.
"Harpoons retain
Black Ships' oneness."
Said Ned.
"A harpoon will feel
What you feel,
Even think what
You think,
If you want something
So it will be."
The crewmen held their
Black, thin, slender,
Like giant bee stingers,
With wonder.
Nemo and the rest joined
Ned, Queequig carrying
The harpoon
Ned had thrown.
"Just so!" said Queequig,
And in one motion
Flung out the harpoon
That flew in a rush
Over the wharf
Passed the barrels
Tracking further on
Melville seated,
Snatched his hat, spearing it,
And returned to Queequig's catch.
Queequig stood,
Harpoon, with hat on its tip,
Upright in his hand.
Melville hopped up
And ran to them,
"I have need of that."
Said Melville,
And snatched his hat back.
"Just so," said Nemo,
"You're coming with
The rest of us."


Notes: It only took about the time the dryers took to dry my clothes at the laundromat, while I sat in Silver, my jeep, listening to radio songs, to read Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus (translated by David Grene)...the old Greek plays are all fairly short...and I was immediately taken by Might and Violence...characters with such names!...the cohorts of Zeus, newly empowered to rule the universe after the Titanomachy, the war with the Titans...


Might and Violence, in you the command of Zeus has its perfect fulfillment: in you there is nothing to stand in its way.


Holy Shit!, I found myself saying with John Oliver's incredulity, this is all about regime change!...the literal story, is of course, Prometheus gifting humanity with fire, and all things, in opposition to Zeus, who on his new throne, would just as soon humanity wasn't around!...


For the mind of Zeus is hard to soften with prayer and every ruler is harsh whose rule is new.


yes, we've got that part, John Oliver!...sheesh...Humility...debasement, the more painful the better, seems to have no limit...went on a lookabout, and considered many Prometheus takes, one a midnightmovie, Prometheus1998, which was free on my paid for amazon prime video...I shouldn't have watched I cant get it out of my head...the's all done in couplet rhymed poetry...brb...oh, one reviewer wrote a short doggerel poem in imitation for a pan review, and that was all...With...and so I include the name of the book Melville is reading...some interior debate as to the why of this...but being 'book bound' is not unlike having had Hephaestus chain one up!...and Queequig a fine Hercules...when he and Ishmael sign aboard the Peqoud in Moby Dick1956, one of my all time favorite movie scenes!...hmmph... 



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