Tuesday, February 14, 2017

OTI:six poems and notes:2/14/17

Open To Interpretation

Dragon Gates

Dragon gates
Open and close
To tidal fates.

Dragon fates
An opening moon rose
Between Dragon mates.

Dragon mates
One to one chose
To enter Dragon gates.


I keep dropping these coins
In the Koi fountain pool
To not a sound
Or a ripple
And Phyrne
Standing a statue still.

Koi Fish

The Koi fish
Always hungry
My packet of food
For them
Never enough.

Black Angels

Knee bent to the Black Deck
The Greek crew scrubbed and sang,
Minos and Pasiphae beside them.
"So dearest,
Where away?"
Said Minos to Pasiphae.
"Now we're beyond the Pillars.
To a northern land,
It is Raven said,
Theseus and Daedalus retreat."
Said Pasiphae.
"Squeaked intelligence from these Greeks
Has it Theseus seeks
The Sword and Sandals
From Athens stolen
By a Black Dragon."
Said Minos.
"These Ravens are taciturn
And lead us on
On our course
Avenging our son
Asterion, slain by Theseus,
To fulfill their own design."
Said Pasiphae.
"What design can Ravens have
Aside from pecking our corpses?"
Said Minos.
"A god's,"
Said Pasiphae
"So favored are the sky's
Diminutive black angels.
Asterion was Poseidon's offspring,
As well as ours,
And he too would have Athens be his family;
His ambitions and ours one,
Carried onward by this Black Ship."


Knee bent, Ariadne and her girls
Sang, and scrubbed the Black Deck,
Theseus and Daedalus beside them.
"You needn't have slain him,
You know." said Daedalus.
"How was I to know?
So well you fashioned
That bullish mask."
Said Theseus.
"It was all a drama"
Said Daedalus,
"To celebrate a once a seven year
Alignment of the stars and moon.
Just so the Minotaur's name
Was Asterion, 'starry'.
We gave you a ball of yarn,
We gave them all balls of yarn,
So to dance the labyrinth,
Reach the Minotaur,
His starry mystery,
And return.
Ariadne's brother he was
And slain you would be now
Save her love for you is so."
"You say I must encourage her love
Least I come to that?"
Said Theseus.
"Just saying," said Daedalus.
"Now, from behind,
Approaches your other concern."
"On the horizon I see too,
It's another Black Ship!"
Said Theseus.
From the masthead,
The lookout shouted down the news.
"Minos and Pasiphae pursue,"
Said Ariadne to her crew.
"All hands on the Black Deck
And receive your battle commands."

Work Finished

Work finished,
Resting on their buckets
The Phaeatian crew of
King Alcinous' Black Ship
With Odysseus and Nausicaa too,
The Deck polished and cleaned.
The Black Ship galloped,
It's thunder cloud squall
Keeping pace
Across an otherwise blue blue sea,
Save in the distance.
"Storm ahead!"
The lookout from the masthead
Called down.
The horizon black
Giant thunderheads swirling
To tornado winds
Lighting incessant flashing.
"Black Ships at war."
Murmured the Phaeatian crew
All aside the railing watching.
"We sail into a storm
The likes of which I've never seen."
Said Odysseus.
"Just so,
And now our crew battle prepares."
Said Nausicaa.
"No need." said Athena.
Quiet as an Owl,
She had arrived on the Black Deck
Astride one of Helios' chariot Dragons.
"It would be remiss to defy
The Great Black Squid's entreat:
'No war between Black Ships,
Only Greeks'." said Athena.
The air a sudden damp and cold,
The black sails slack,
Grey fog rolling over the blue sea.
The thunder on the horizon ceased,
Silent fell the sea under the fog shroud
And strong now the current
Carrying the three Black Ships,
Fog bound, to the Northern Reach.
And as quiet as she came,
Athena on her Dragon departed.


Notes: reference Asterion the Minotaur...hmmph...only 39 Asterions on WOW, and not all of them Taurens!...and just 8 Phyrne!...hmmph...


A Knossian didrachm exhibits on one side the labyrinth, on the other the Minotaur surrounded by a semicircle of small balls, probably intended for stars; one of the monster's names was Asterion ("star").





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