Tuesday, February 21, 2017

OTI:nine poems and notes:2/21/17

Open To Interpretation


My poems make people
Sleepy and lazy.
We all offer something
From our own pharmacy.

Lift Off

I sat at desks
On chairs
Even laid back
And student listened.
Good at that
Being quiet, attentive.
My hand finds
The controlling disc
Of the theater lounge chair
And it reclines.
One by one we all
Like spacefarers preparing
For lift off in our rocket,
Ready for what?


"Someone might
Find something,
You never know."
I suppose,
But I've turned my paintings
To the walls for now.

I Can't

Your "I can't"
Mirrored in
My "I can't"
I heard myself say
And saw too in their
My dismay.

Eight Minutes

I've set my timer
For eight minutes,
Just the length
Of a high school
Basketball game quarter.
Otherwise I'd go on and on,
Fool that I am.


All of them are but moths
Batting about the porch light
Of the great Sherlock Holmes.


It's fine
To fall in love with your teacher
Or as a fan
Give all your attention
To your beloved star
They, they just don't
Know you're even around.
Some blessing,
A wave,
A chaste kiss,
Some simple tokens
Of their affections
Decorate your memory,
The walls of your home.
Not likely
You'll find them beside you
As you put mornings behind you.

Free Jesus

We need Hercules
To come along
And take Jesus down from there.
Like Prometheus' Eagle
The priests worry that side wound
Perpetually reading His liver
On a silver salver
And putting it back
For tomorrows.


Much as a horse
Has a saddle
To facilitate a human mount
So Black Ships have their equipage,
Riggings, furnishings, stores;
Fashioned, supplied, brought aboard
By human shipwrights.
The pale Argo's equipage
A shambles
In the aftermath
Of the Black Dragons' harvest.
As Argo recovered,
Much of the wreckage
Slowly extruded into the sea.
"It's still here."
Said Jason, beside Glauce,
Beside Argo's prow.
They'd come aboard
To retrieve the Talking Plank
Before departing with the Greeks
On King Alcinous' Black Ship.
"Here is here
And there is there"
Said the Plank,
"And where is where."
"Stay behind,"
Said Athena.
"The Argo drifts
But not for long."
The Ravens and Gulls,
The Parrots too,
Making a ruckus
In Black Ship Argo's
Dangling rigging,
The Black Deck,
Absent scrubbing crew,
A mess as usual.
Jason looked to Glauce
With a wan smile,
"There's just us two,
And work to do."
"A crew?  I'll loan you a few."
A voice came from over the side.
Jason and Glauce hurried
To the railing to see.
"Ariadne!" said Jason and Glauce.
Ariadne climbed aboard
With her girls.
"Theseus is a fug head."
Said Ariadne.
"Where Greeks go
Is where Greeks go.
And we're here
Not there."
"Just so!"
Said Jason and Glauce.


Notes: Pharmacy...Picasso noted that his paintings will have arrived when they fix a toothache...Lift Off...went to the midnightmovies and saw Triple xxx, van diesel...he carries a movie easy, and it needed carrying!...Something...snipped from a conversation...I Can't...Something filled out...Eight Minutes...rhymed fool and school again...Holmes...Elementary (tv cbs show) in the latest episode, in the interrogation room exposition rap up, floated the notion that the famous chaos butterfly notion in Lost World, they even referenced Lost World, can work in reverse...as a butterfly might stir up a hurricane, so a hurricane might stir up a butterfly...that's close to describing what a hyperobject does, or a Greek god, if it can be said I even have a clue of what either of those are!...and Holmes here is the seminal detective...Idol...a reach...Free Jesus...I give a wide berth to contemporary religions, politics, history...much prefer the past...but the past is so much like the present...have a look at Kaiser Wilhelm II...it's scary!...a midnight movie the other night was St. Francis of Assisi 1961...on youtube...much romantic sentimentality, until one reads the bio of the actress Dorothy Hart...Pope may have been right...she is St. Clare!...I thought to look up the medallions of Francis and Clare...Francis often depicted with a deer, a dove...and in Clare's hand something I had to research...it looked like a lantern, but it is something called a monstrance...this set me off on a wild web hunt...near as I can tell, the wafer is resting not on an upturned crescent moon, but rather bulls' horns, and if so, then it is indeed a Catholic borrowing of an Old Egyptian icon, a bull's horns holding the sun disc in Isis' headdress...of course, the little crescent can be thought to just be that shape for the utilitarian purpose of holding the wafer...even so, the whole notion of what the wafer is about in the monstrance is fantastic...hmmph...a corposant!...:)...anyway, I'm reading Prometheus Bound...I must have read it long ago, and it subliminally came to the fore when I wrote up my little play, Women Can Do No Wrong...I made my chains on Zeus adamantine...just thought it sounded cool...but Aeschylus did too!(or the translator)...Prometheus is chained down with adamantine chains, by Hephaestus no less, who is apologetic...and I got to thinking about all the heroes and heroines that get chained down, or up....hence Free Jesus...I knew Prometheus has his liver being forever eaten by an Eagle, but I didn't know the spear wound of Jesus is over the liver...or that livers are noted for their regenerative properties!...such the scholars go back and forth over much!...Where...thought to keep Jason and Glauce, then Ariadne and her girls, around...ral...and fill the plot hole of what the 'sons of Poseidon' were about back at Pegasae...'equipage' reference Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird by Wallace Stevens...second day in a poetry class, going over this poem, teacher asked if I knew what 'equipage' meant...hmmph...it was sort of my first impression of what accepted poems look and sound like, and kind of stuck...don't know but Stevens borrowed from Hokusai 36 Views of Mt. Fuji...as I have from both in the Black Tales...



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