Thursday, January 5, 2017

OTI:eight poems and notes:1/5/17

Open To Interpretation

I'll Not Ask

I'll not ask you
To follow on
On a fallen dream,
But these roads ahead
We're made a long way back
For our travel.
I maintained some,
Traveled one,
Wondered where the others went.
How you choose
Is yours,
The roads are theirs
Left behind.
We just walked one.

My Where

Here's my where,
I don't move about:
I love you to Pluto and back
And if you show up
All clean and shiny
Or all grime and dirty
I love you to Pluto and back.


I'd like to come home at night
And while waiting for sleep
Talk with you about stuff,
It can be any old stuff
So long as it's a wonder.


I like wonders
And you're wonderful.


For gawd's sakes,
I'm not going to hold you up
In the aether
Like some blue ribbon
Prize at the Fair.

Cats And Doggers

I'm superstitious.
It's raining cats and doggers
In the Sierra.
Any day now the Governor
Will announce the drought
Is abated, for now.
Did you do that?
Or was it Aphrodite!?


How he
Of all the Greeks
Couldn't make it home
Through all Poseidon's
How he who made it so
For the Greeks to reach home,
Wandered homeless.


I too
Need that superglue
To stick to you.


Notes: Midnight Movies: back a week or so, I went and saw Rogue One...they lifted Ichi out of the Zatoichi movies...insomuch as I've done that my own self in BDT, I found it amusing...there are a lot of things in BDT that are lifted, and they're common liftings!...I have amazon prime and watched the first season of The Expanse...first episode was titled 'Dulcinea', and later on the heroes name their stolen Martian Navy Frigate, the 'Rocinante' (after Don Quixote's horse)...there must be some import to the Cervantes references, but I haven't fathomed it yet...maybe in season 2, when I have access to that...I'm gonna cave and get pay tv...att has allied with directTV, which is a dish I can put on the roof, and I think that will side step the slow phone line connection I have which precluded hooking up to time warner...maybe internet can come through direct...miss playing wow...still can, but when I'm in a crowd, there's too much lag...oh, and they're going to remake Charmed...set in 1978?...first time I saw the little saying, 'to Pluto and back' was in a linked Alyssa Milano post for her kids...I thought to google 'to Pluto and back', and the crowd sourcers cover it...crowd sourcing may be the only thing the web is good for!...doing BDT I'm beginning to have a sense of how narratives, novels, screenplays, work...never gave much thought to the behind the scenes stuff...reference, again, Plutarch, or was it Euripides? going on about Aphrodite and rain...brb...Euripides, though Plutarch too!



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