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OTI:three poems and notes:1/28/17

Open To Interpretation


We need another word than 'impressive'...
Yes, it's a bit overused...
How the heck did he do that!
It's dragon's work...
He doesn't have a dragon...
Does he?
No, he doesn't even entertain the thought...
Or does he?
"Leave him be." said Emily.


Black Dragon Onyx's
Humankind household
Applauded Pausias' tale.
And Onyx felt the
Jealous sadness
Dragon's feel
To hear people's songs
And adventures.
When pleased
Dragons go 'hmmmph',
And snort smoke,
Flame if very pleased,
And with a roar too!
The Great Room
Of Onyx's Dragon Tower
Echoed to Onyx's happiness,
And was warm and loud.
"I know King Alcinous."
Said Medea.
Pausias bowed his head
In acknowledgement,
"Just so," he said.
"Last I knew,
He ruled Drepana,
And now Phaeatia?"
Said Medea.
"As always," said Pausias.
He has many lands."
"And Odysseus with Athena
Thereabout, this is current?"
Said Medea.
"From our Sacred Grove,
Said Pausias,
"And shrine for Aphrodite,
Her wide ranging
Messaging Pigeons and Doves
Inform of the Wide World."
"Phaeatia lies in the Great Ocean,"
Said Medea,
"I saw its coast from the back
Of Onyx on our thither and hither
To Athens.
From there to here is near."
"Odysseus now approaches"
Said Pausias,
"Aboard King Alcinous'
Own gifted Black Ship,
Nausicaa as Captain,
Phaeatians for crew."
"And Athena aboard?"
Said Medea.
"Athena's touch is light,
Her game pieces set,
She returned to Olympus."
Said Pausias.
"Following on are
Theseus' and Ariadne's,
Minos' and Pasiphae's
Black Ships."
"I know Pasiphae!"
Said Medea,
"She is my aunt!"
"It will be a crowd of Black Ships,"
Said Dulcinea,
"Liz, Medea, Argo,
Add to the count."
Medea sat with her
Infant son on her lap,
And thought.
They all thought.
And Onyx 'hmmmphed',
And snorted smoke
As Dragons do when not
Pleased too.
"More, Pausias." Onyx said.
"For certain?"  Pausias said,
Meeting Onyx's gaze.
"It must be read."
Said Onyx.
Pausias turned to Medea,
"Your son has Dragon Blood."
Said Pausias.
"Hephaestus' errant sperm,
Rejected by Athena,
Fell upon the earth,
Fathered Erichthonious upon Gaia,
And from the union
Erichthonious was half human,
Half dragon,
A shape shifter
When such was common
Among Gaia's brood.
By Athena's favor
He was made King of Athens,
And so his descendants too,
Under Athena's protection,
Aegeus, then Theseus,
And now your son,
Most recent
Of the lineage.
More human now
Than Dragon
The blood line,
But Dragon talents remain still
To perform Dragon skills.
"And Hephaestus' skills too."
Said Medea,
Looking on her child with wonder.
"Hephaestus is an idiot,"
Said Medea to her infant,
"Best you take after your Grandmothers."
"A Dragon Name for your son."
Said Onyx.
Medea met Onyx's gaze.
"Just so."
Said Medea.
"Benitoite his name!"
Said Onyx
And roared.


At Ishi's Village
By her cave
Below the Rocky Slope
With Kannon nearby
For her guide and eyes,
Blind Black Dragon Pet
Watched her infant,
Black Dragon Ametrine
Play with Doves.
"Some message they share?"
Said Kannon, looking on too.
Pet snorted smoke,
"Dragons always aware,
Said Pet.
"And the future beware.
'Benitoite, a royal torc,
Will ride Ametrine.',
A message rare."


Notes: reference King Alcinous, Hephaestus and Athena, and Aphrodite, and her Doves, Gaia, Pasiphae, Drepana, Erichthonious, the snake behind Athena's shield, Benitoite, torc...bit all twisted up, torqued!, and this the end of Book 2 of The Black Tales...may divert awhile to compile, and give thought!...highlight a word and it goes into google's search box, if using google's page, then click on search, and wiki's takes will be there...oh, and San Benito River...brb...and St. Benedict is the river's namesake, "Non Draco Sit Mihi Dux" ...hmmmph....Drepana was misspelled...update...hmmph...



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