Saturday, January 14, 2017

OTI:one poem:1/14/17

Open To Interpretation


Minos called to his men
As they ran along the quay
Passed the Piraeus Lions
In the fog with their armor
Swords and spears
Like rattling ghosts
And loud they sounded
When they reached inside
The sheltering ship sheds.
There, scrambling to get
Theseus' ship underway
The Athenian crew surrendered
Overwhelmed quickly
To their dismay.
"Where is Theseus?"
Minos questioned,
Answered cryptically,
"Theseus some days gone
With Daedalus
Aboard a Black Ship
Crewed by Crones."
The Athenian fleet had
Scattered and fled
Before the sudden arrival
Of Minos, fog shrouded.
Citizens of Athens hid
Behind their walls
Absent their king, Theseus.
"And where bound the
Black Ship?"
Minos informed,
"Beyond the Pillars of Hercules
Crewed by Crones,
One named Ariadne."
"Minos come see!"
His men implored,
And Minos left off
And returned to the quay
And saw before the Lions,
The fog now lifting,
A Black Ship.
"Husband!  Come aboard!
Poseidon has provided means
For our pursuit,
We can catch them,
Theseus and Ariadne,
With Daedalus too,
With Theseus' ship's crew
Aboard this Black Ship!"
"Why crew with Greeks?"
Minos asked.
"Athens can be yours by
Greeks against Greeks,
So this Raven tells me."
Said Pasiphae.
The Greeks brought aboard,
Set to scrubbing,
Pasiphae commanding,
And the Black Sails set,
And the Black Ship leapt,
And Minos called out
To his astonished men
On the quay beneath the Lions.
"Maintain the siege,
I'll be back,
By what happenstance
My wife possess
Through gossip with a Raven!"
And his men cheered,
The Black Ship galloping
Away from the quay
And the Lions.




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