Tuesday, January 24, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:1/24/17

Open To Interpretation

Athena's Thigh

"Ametrine fell there
Into where sunlight
Unblends from
Green to blue
To blackest ink
Beneath the sea."
Said Black Dragon Onyx.
"Here, from the
Black Ship fantail,
The tether rope
That Ichi slid down
To the Long Slender Craft
With me over his shoulder."
Said Queen Dulcinea.
Pausias sketched thumbnails
At the two places
On the Mural's wall.
"What was it about, Onyx?"
Said Dulcinea,
"Why did the Flight attack?"
"It was no attack,"
Said Onyx,
"It was a reconnoiter.
We wanted you back.
You were born to us,
You belong with us,
You were to be our Queen."
"Black Ships are temperamental,"
Said Dulcinea,
"And I wasn't in command."
"Just so,"
Said Onyx,
"And a Black Ship crewed
By Humankind
With harpoon skills
New to Dragons."
"Ishmael, Quequig,
My ship wrecked friends
I found ashore,"
Said Dulcinea,
"Arrived by coffin,
Along with Pip.
They throw Black Ship Harpoons
Just for fun.
Ned Land,
The Cephalopods' serious harpoon menace,
Ishmael recruited
From the blood slick aftermath,
When Nemo's Nautilus and Black Dragon's
Engaged enraged
Beneath the waves.
His wounded crew
Put us on guard."
"The Southern Flight that was,"
Said Onyx,
"Pursuant of Nemo's Nautilus'
Treasure ballasts.
One by one,
Black Ships are acquiring crews,
And for Black Dragon's
The harvest of Corposants curtailed."
If this propagation spreads,
Our Towers, our Villages,
Our Nests,
Both Reaches,
Will darken and be cold."
Said Dulcinea,
"But I can't tell you the pleasure
For Black Ship Captains and Crews
To gallop over the rippled black sea."
"No need,"
Said Onyx,
"We hear you singing,
And know the feeling."
Queen Medea listened,
And said,
"I know Greeks,
And their gods,
Likely more will follow
So long as Black Ships
Keep appearing in the Aegean.
I knew not a purpose,
Only to wander
When I boarded mine
With Hephaestus.
And again Greeks
Bring grief following on my grief."
"You are our Queen now Medea,"
Said Onyx,
"The Northern Reach your home."
Medea held her infant son,
And thought,
Seeing the Great Mural,
Black Dragons and the Black Ship battling.
"Black Ship Liz,
And Black Ship Medea
Follow on on my arrival,"
Said Dulcinea,
"My crew soon here
And more than a match
For a few Greeks."
"There will be more Greeks,
And more Black Ships."
Said Medea.
"Some deal Hephaestus
Fashioned with Nemo."
Arms akimbo,
Turned from the Mural
To gaze on Hephaestus.
Medea turned too.
"You pursue me,
Medea said,
"Am I Athena's thigh?"
Hephaestus stood silent.
"Your Nemo has some
Truck with Poseidon
I can't fathom,"
Said Medea to Dulcinea,
"As in the fathoms
Are their domains."
"His daughter, Calypso,"
Said Dulcinea,
"Now commands the Medea
With Nemo's crew,
Allied with mine aboard the Liz."
"An alliance to question."
Said Medea,
"Go back to Olympus
On your Great Eagle,
"May I singe his hair?"
Said Onyx.
"Ametrine has done you the favor."
Said Dulcinea.
Hephaestus hid his hands,
And said,
"Medea, more is at stake
Than my flirt."
"Leave us."
Said Medea.
Hephaestus rejoined
His Great Eagle outside in the snow,
Flew away
Alone on a solitary flight to his
Mountain home.


Notes: reference Hephaestus chasing after Athena, hmmph......anyway, 'we hear the singing, and know the feeling' has to be a lyric somewhere...eesh...Boston 'More Than A Feeling'?...



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