Sunday, January 22, 2017

OTI:ten poems and notes:1/22/17

Open To Interpretation

10pm 1/20/17

Geez luez!
Heard I the pole clang
Only turning in time to see
An attendant carrying it off.
It'd fallen to a kick
And the small
Black Deck
A sudden mast less,
A spiritus mundi
Without axis mundi.
What the hell,
I sat a long while,
The dancing floor clacking
Without its pole.
What wonder this
Pole starless wobbling,
My dismay only?

Harbor River

Rivers are never so straight
As the Boulevard,
Nor do they have
Two way currents,
Or ordered confluences,
And the metal boats
That rush along
Or come ashore
To dock at Town's
Shops and residences.
Wreckages don't sink,
Rather towed away,
But drowning an ever
Undercurrent fear
However synchronized the swim
That often pauses
To sirens' songs.
Yet, it's a happy thrilling
Messing about in metal
Swift skiffs with glowing eyes,
Red ocelli behind.
The pigeons look on
From the roofs and poles,
The gulls miss diving for fish
And float overhead.

Bus Parade

One can wait for the bus
And think it's okay
To climb aboard with strangers,
And not give it a second thought.
But I dreamed the drivers
Drove us away
Down a holiday parade.

10am 1/21/17

It's an old world wide custom,
And Herodotus has it
Custom makes law,
That when a stranger is
At your door,
You bid them welcome
And if there are too many
To come in
You go out to them.


Why are we watching
Stretched out lounged
Yet another horrific movie,
This one called 'Sleepless';
Are we 'Clueless'?

Flower Friends

We're not neighbors,
It isn't like I go out
To check the mail
And see you next door
Planting flowers.
Maybe some seeds
I can over this long distance send
That we may entwine
As flower friends.

Hungry Eyes

We can see one another
It's another thing to know
One another
And our good fortune
Our 'hungry eyes'.

Thin Air

From thin air
We can draw what
We think
And so drink us.

10am 1/22/17

It's raining
It's pouring
The old man
(That would be me!)
Is snoring.


Under the old house's
Cedar shingles
We dozed all day,
Now and then awake to rain.


Notes: more dactylic hexameter...thought to look up old Greek pronunciation discussions on youtube, and found this...professor explains very well how the old poets could sing..."best is to listen and read" "it's a body thing" ...reference 'The Second Coming' for 'spiritus mundi'...Yeats, who can be as plain spoken as Frost, threw in a latinate for an atmospheric...thought to do the same, twice!...Yeats is a curio, the admixture of down to earth with metaphysical dreaminess...I try to stick to the down to earth!...reference 'ocelli'...another name for eyespots, the camouflage like on butterfly 'gull' may have caught a fish!...Harbor River a new favorite...Midnight Movie 'Sleepless' curious to see 'Clueless'!...oh, the rain has stopped, or paused...under the old house cedar shingles we dozed all day, now and then awake to rain...ah!...reference 'hungry eyes' the song and movie Dirty Dancing...



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