Thursday, January 26, 2017

OTI:two poems and note:1/26/17

Open To Interpretation


I'm pathetic,
A pathetic fallacy
To be exact,
A rain cloud that weeps,
A flower garden
That laughs and sings.
Just so,
I'm an abstract extract
In my own
Zippedee doo da days.

Stories And Songs

"Something you should know,
Queen Medea,"
Said Pausias.
"The Sword and the Sandals
We're made by Hephaestus
At Athena's bequest."
"Common trophies, I thought,"
Said Medea.
"Onyx took them for a prize
From Theseus."
Hephaestus' hurried exit
Left the small door open
And wind blown snow
Swirled inside the Great Room.
The Golden Fleece shown
In the Lanterns' light
Resting on the tripod,
And on the Fleece
The Sword and Sandals.
An attendant closed the door.
"You know things, Pausias."
Said Medea.
"Yes, for artists to illustrate
We must know the Lore."
Said Pausias.
"And there's more."
"How so?"
Said Medea.
"You may all want
To be seated to hear."
Said Pausias.
In the Great Room center
Was a small crater
Holding a Warm Corposant,
The most prized treasure
Of Black Ships.
Surrounding were benches
With cushions.
Medea with her infant,
Took a seat beside Dulcinea.
Too, the artists and Onyx's
Humankind household
All found seats.
A story to hear!
Onyx nestled in close.
Stories are as good as songs!


Notes: reference 'Song of the South'...oh, and wiki's Hephaestus take too...



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