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OTI:two poems and notes:12/22/16

Open To Interpretation


Am I Pi?
A jumble of types
Thrown together,
Or just piebald,
You and I?
Some think it remiss
To be pied pipers.
What do they know?
Certainly not all our tunes!


The pain of his crushed hands
Drove Hephaestus to his knees,
And Petra commanded Pet
To stand back
As she and Kannon rushed
To comfort Hephaestus.
With each of his hands
In one of theirs,
The pain was gone.
"Some repair we can do,
But your fingers will
Have an awkwardness."
Said Kannon.
Hephaestus flexed his hands,
"An appropriate reminder
And caution,
Black Dragons are not to be
Messed with."
Hephaestus said.
"I must be off to warn Medea."
Black Dragon Pet
Approached Hephaestus
Astride his Great Eagle.
"Wait!" said Pet.
"I have a message for
Black Dragon Onyx.
Tell Onyx I carry
Black Dragon Ametrine's son."
Petra stood before Pet,
Arms akimbo.
"How so?"
Pet lowered herself
To gaze at Petra.
"Ametrine fell to the Black Waves
In the battle with your Black Ship."
Petra considered,
"Then, it was no trade deal
With Nemo
When you snatched me
From the Nautilus' deck?"
"Then," said Pet,
"I flew with the Northern Flight
In an alliance of marriage
To bring peace between the Flights.
Black Dragons are by nature
It is why we seek rule by you,
Queen Petra.
You slew my mate."
"By no singular intention!"
Said Petra, tear stricken.
"Just so I know.
Then, grief stricken,
I sought revenge,
And before the Southern Flight
To deliver you to judgment."
Said Pet.
"Why didn't,
Why didn't you just eat me?"
Asked Petra.
"Black Ship Captains
Are sacrosanct,
An old Tale,
An old deal
Between Black Dragons,
Black Ships,
The Cephalopods
And the Giant Black Squid,
A history older than Humankind."
Said Pet.
"So I am learning,"
Said Petra.
"What is your Dragon Name, Pet?"
"Dragons take the name
Of their fallen mate." said Pet.
"Now I am called
Black Dragon Ametrine.
Black Dragons never fall."
"Black Ships,"
Petra said,
"Black Ships have an abhorrence
Of Black Dragons."
"Yes," said Pet,
"They live submerged when young.
With fondness I remember
The pursuits in the ink
Of the deep sea
When I was young too.
Grown up, afloat,
Sailing about,
They are a terror to a single Black Dragon.
Even to a Flight
They are problematic.
It is by your dispensation,
Queen Petra,
I can stand on a Black Deck.
And I must be off alone awhile."
"How so?" said Petra,
Fearful of a rift
Between her and Pet.
"Maternal things,
Dragon stuff." said Ametrine.
"You need me to see?" said Petra.
"The Flight will shepherd me,
Their hope for peace
With the Northern Flight."
Said Ametrine.
"I am Queen Petra, still?"
Said Petra.
"Yes, and
I am Black Dragon Pet, still."
Said Pet.
Dragons of the Flight
Neared Black Ship Liz,
And Ametrine joined them
To return to Nevermore.
"You and your ilk
Are not to be trusted,
Hephaestus," said Petra.
"And your Greeks,
Your headlong rush,
Will bring grief to the
Northern Reach."
She stood up to
Hephaestus on his Eagle.
"What to do..."
"Black Ships Medea and Liz
Are with me." said Kannon.
"Go, make sure
Black Dragon Onyx
Hears Pet's message."
"Make room!"
Petra said,
And seated herself
In front of Hephaestus
On the Great Eagle's neck.


Notes: it's late, and it's raining lots!...I made an update to 12/17 post...Ariadne disguised herself as an old woman, left Naxos, followed Theseus to Athens, and so now is the Captain of that Black Ship...she took with an entourage...disguised too as old women, they now crew the Black Ship...Theseus is a fug head, and abandoned Ariadne on Naxos as she is much older than he...Minos searches for her, angry with her and
Daedalus for the ball of yarn deceit, and seeks revenge on Athens, along with Pasiphae, for the death of Pasiphae's son, the Minotaur, rumored to be fathered by Poseidon...oh, I should give this to the Dodona Oak Chorus!



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