Thursday, December 29, 2016

OTI:one poem and notes:12/29/16

Open To Interpretation


Time was there was an Arrival
At the soft sand beach at Pegesae,
This before Humankind
Began to spread
Along the shorelines
Of the Little Middle Sea,
Remembered still
At the Arrival at Phaeacia.
Thereabout, the Giant Black Squid
Spoke with the Black Ships,
Flashing skin to flashing skins,
Neon colors on the night dark
Phaeacian shore,
As the Ships, beached at high tide,
Lay their eggs in the soft sand.
One Black Ship
Was to go back to Pegesae.
The deal had been made,
Messaged by the little Black Ship,
Between Poseidon and the Giant Black Squid:
Greeks for crew
With harpoon skills
To defend against Dragons;
And for the Greeks,
Transport to the Northern Reach
To prevent the return
Of Theseus to Athens
With the Sandals and Sword.
Just so Poseidon would
Have patronage of Athens
Under King Minos' rule.
And just so Athene would
Have things otherwise,
And negotiated,
Her arms akimbo,
In disguise as a young village girl
Standing high on the beach
Before the Giant Black Squid.
She had a champion,
She said,
Above all Greeks,
And as Fate would have it,
Just now storm tossed by Poseidon;
Raft broken,
Wave thrown on the Arrival beach,
Odysseus, unconscious, sleeping.
The Giant Black Squid
Listened to Athene.
Nausicaa for Captain,
Phaeacians for crew,
Odysseus as first mate,
Athene proposed.
"No Ships against Ships."
Said the Squid.
"What Greeks do with Greeks
Is their business."
"I cannot promise..."
Said Athene.
"No deal."
Said the Giant Black Squid.
Odysseus slept away
A night and a day,
Nausicaa kneeling beside him.
The only sound soft waves
On the Phaeacian beach
Beyond the Pillars of Hercules.
In the morning,
The Black Ships were all gone,
Their annual labor finished.


Notes: hmmph...reference sea turtles...reference the Phaeacian Black Ships!


The palace was guarded by mechanical dogs made of silver and gold. King Alkinoos would later help Jason and the Argonauts with their trip to get the Golden Fleece and Phaeacian ships were said to have accompanied Jason on his mission.
Let’s see now why their ships and their skills in navigating made them so famous. The Phaeacians were expert navigators. However, according to Homer, the ‘ships’ were vehicles in black colour that could ‘fly’ over the sea. They didn’t have oars or a rudder, nor did they have captains to navigate them. The ships were driven by thought – they could connect to the human minds and execute their commands, and they could travel under any condition; they were unsinkable. The ‘ships’ had advanced navigation systems with knowledge of all cities and all countries of the ancient World and could navigate easily under any condition. This ‘technology’ was given to them by the god Poseidon, their protector.





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