Saturday, December 3, 2016

OTI:one poem and notes:12/3/16

Open To Interpretation

A Distant Song, A Distant Light

"I hear Petra singing!"
Back Dragon Pet said.
"Shhh...I see..." said Kannon,
"That tiny orange starlight
On the dark shore of Nevermore.
Wait, Pet, let Ishmael go."
And the Southern Flight waited too,
Hovering in the starry night.
Ishmael's Black Dragon, Beryl,
Alighted beside Petra's
Driftwood fire on the black sand beach,
And Ishmael ran to Petra
And held her in his arms.
"How?" Ishmael asked,
"Oh!" said Petra,
"Mermaids rescued me, Chief!"
And the Ebony Dolphins
Laughed in the phosphorescent waves.


Note: reference Dolphin rescues...and earlier BDT poem Menu...



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