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OTI:one poem and notes:12/11/16

Open To Interpretation

A Bit Much


It's a bit much...
A white bull...
Rome would celebrate in the Colosseum Show...
Out of doors...
A true penned experience...
And following on...
Seven virgin boys
Seven virgin girls
Shipped off to the Minotaur...
But not before Aegeus
Stowed away Theseus...
What was that about?
Was Theseus even a virgin?
Assuming, but even still,
The slayer of the Marathonian Bull
Would have been square jawed
With at least some stubble.
The Black Tale has it
Aegeus intended Theseus doom.
Theseus would perish
Along with the thirteen other virgins.
Theseus, son of Poseidon and Aethra,
Slain by the Minotaur, son of Pasiphae
And the White Bull
Earlier slain by Theseus
On the road to Athens.
Theseus, eaten by the Minotaur,
Aegeus, filicide,
Would continue to rule Athens,
Half sonless.
Ariadne at first sight
Falls in love with square jawed Theseus.
And Daedalus,
The Labyrinth engineer,
Ariadne a ball of thread
She gives
To Theseus to
Find his way out of the labyrinth
After slaying the Minotaur.
What of the Virgins?
And King Minos, hoodwinked?
Left to dangle,
Ariadne on the Island of Naxos
By Theseus,
Eager to get back and...
Why does everyone miss this?
To get back and be
Theseus, patricide,
King of Athens,
Half fatherless,
Aegeus out of the way over a cliff
Into the sea.
Aegeus, the fug head,
Must have told his spies
To set white sails on the return
If Theseus was dead.
His spies, seeing which way the wind blew,
Did just that,
And Theseus,
Alive concealed,
Ran right up the sea cliff
And tossed the old king over,
Or maybe Aegeus was startled
And slipped.
Aegeus the idiot,
Namesake of the Aegean.
Theseus, first king of Athens
To consolidate Greece,
Precursor of Rome
Precursor of Albion
Precursor of Columbia.
It all began with a fluked white bull?
That, and some jealous losers,
The Athenian athletes that slayed
Minos' champion son
And so brought on
The fourteen virgin
Nine year cyclic recompense,
Athenian virgin dinners
For the Cretan Minotaur,
Minos' labryrinthian perpetual revenge.
Bulls are vegetarians...
It must have been,
For the half man half bull
The carnivorous human trait
That made this all work!
Oh, it will be
The sandals and sword
Black Dragon Onyx took to make
The Black Tale work!
They are Theseus' birthright,
Athen's Totems.
With out the sandals and sword
Theseus is a fug head,
Not a king.
Like maybe father
Maybe son...
Athene is Athens,
And will task Theseus
To retrieve the Totems.
Theseus salvaged the Argo
But neglected to pick up
The talking plank from the bow...
An omission Daedalus notices
On Theseus' ship
While fleeing Minos' wrath
Over Ariadne's ball of yarn.
Just so
We are taken back to
Theseus and Daedalus
Seeking some splinter
Of counsel from Athene.
A Black Ship for Theseus?
For his black designs on
Medea and Onyx?
Theseus, the fug head
Of the smoking hair
And dangling left behinds,
Will have to hurry,
Jason and Black Ship Argo
Are almost there.


Notes: it is indeed all a bit much to consider...I can't recall if I spun this out before or after I watched a student production of Oedipus Rex at Irvine Valley College last night...well performed...and produced...the school is a marvel...wonderful buildings...and gave me pause to think that maybe Town can become the new center...some fate may await this village by the sea!...anyway, I've never seen a Greek play, and sat entranced, much to think the end, the actors removed their headware, set them on the stage, for acknowledgement and applause...leaving off from the old to now...kind of miss the old...a sad moment...brb...


"A public tends to get the literature it deserves: a literature, to get the public it deserves. The values men pursue in each, affect the other. They turn in a vicious, or a virtuous, circle. Only a fine society could have bred Homer: and he left it finer for hearing him."[1


Lucas wrote an epic poem about Ariadne, which I noted studying wiki's take on Ariadne...and then studying Lucas!...he was a spy!...worked at Bletchley Park during WW2...between the wars he sounded the alarm about Germany...too much to relate...see the link!...German's had a list...Sonderfahndungsliste G.B. ...and Lucas was on it...and he made a book of Greek poetry translations which looks to be good, and for sometime read...
anyway, before posting this post up, I thought to get some support...and googled Minotaur Freud...taking my own council that Freud put together with anything brings up everything!...this bit seems to step along the same slippery stepping stones my bit, so some encouragement...



On Minoan Crete, David Harsent and Harrison Birtwhistle

(Published in Covent Garden’s programme, Aprli 2008, to accompany Harrison Birthwhistle’s opera The Minotaur)

Foolishly, Minos kept the bull and did not sacrifice it. In punishment, Poseidon made Minos’s wife Pasiphae desire it sexually. Pasiphae asked the Athenian sculptor Daedalus, exiled to Crete, construct a cow-frame in which she enticed the bull to mount her. Pasiphae bore the bull a son: Asterios, the Minotaur, the half-man-half-bull who has summed up the dividedness of human nature in Western imagination ever since.

unquote was a slippery slope for Aegeus too!



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