Friday, August 14, 2009

Two Squirrels

Squirrel clip from two days ago...the lunch time clip....pic from today...Duck Harbor...happened to notice the reflection...and this will be a place to check in Winter for scenic pic...the white pipe on the has counterpart on the Creek's left...the Tiki Outlet Pipe, which is large...I've never been sure what they do! and then water pours out of them..but clean...hmmph...brb...

3.4.2 Close Yosemite Lodge and Camp 4
This alternative consists of postponing sewer repairs pending the completion of further
NEPA analysis for lodging and employee housing in the project area. This would
necessitate the closure of the Yosemite Lodge and Camp 4, both of which depend on
the existing sewer line. Future planning for the Yosemite Lodge area is not likely to be
finalized for many months. As a result, Yosemite Lodge and Camp 4 would have to
remain closed for a prolonged period of time. This closure would be a significant adverse
impact to visitors. This alternative would not meet the park's objectives for this proposal,
which include ensuring adequate sewer service to visitor overnight accommodations
(both camping and lodging), in accordance with approved plans such as the General
Management Plan (GMP) and the Concession Services Plan (CSP). Therefore, this
alternative was dismissed.
3.4.3 Move Sewer Line out of Floodplain
The NPS determined that there is no practicable or economical alternative for relocating
sewer utilities for the Yosemite Lodge and Camp 4 areas entirely out of the floodplain.
This is because sewer utilities for these facilities must connect to the Yosemite Creek
sewage lift station. This lift station is the only lift station in Yosemite Valley that pumps
sewage out of the valley to the waste water treatment plant in El Portal. Since this lift
station is in the floodplain, there is no feasible way to locate the Yosemite Lodge and
Camp 4 sewer utilities completely out of the floodplain. Therefore, this alternative was

Kind of ironic that the most lucid depiction of the 'necessary situation' is brought up by a search of these little pump houses! Tracking down who in the NPS determined these dismissals would be a step to take to find out just the why of things, which is often are being held close to the chest!! One more try to see how these things work...brb...well..I cant find it....these are questions that can be answered in an eye blink by someone familiar with these pumps...

It was sunny hot blue..and only a half hour walk...housekeeping gobbled up Time...and now it's late again!!...hmmph!!

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