Monday, April 4, 2011

Flicker Feathers

After Breakfast, Shuttled over to the Village, paddled back through Bobcat the Boardwalk over the Lilypad Pond, there are two Rivulets from the Ponds running to the Merced...usually these fill the Ponds at High Water, and then drain the Ponds as the River drops...Ponds have filled up on their own, from Snow Melt, I guess....Flicker Feathers by the Daffodils...pic...quiet walk...returned to the Cabin, and napped!....sunny blue blue warm....after Dinner, paddled out to Ozone Beach, and made the Inside Loop counterclockwise....Pileated Woodpecker by Cottonwood Creek's End, heard, then saw, Owl fly low through the Trees, twice!...very cool...Falls pic on return...note (mouse over clickclick to enlarge) Snowcone ready to 'frazzle'!!!...Blue Jays, Redwing, Song Sparrow, by at the Willow by the Fallen Cedar....
Yesterday's Flowers: (getting late, and I'll be up early tomorrow, so just one
Flower Name tonight!)
top flower: Field Mustard...there is an annual Mustard Festival in Napa (but not this year--lack of funds, I gather..see link)

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