Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Osprey's Impossible Nest

Early Breakfast, and back at the Cabin, Deer (same from last evening!) passing by the Back of the Cabin, past Silver, and along down the Road in the front of the Rooms to Lower Falls--Deer's usual route!!....pics...canceled errand to Mariposa for Teeth Cleaning--bit of a cold--and took a nap....and around One, felt better, geared up, rolled to Mariposa, and out Osprey Road...many sightings, pics, clips, and reports for sometime...took lunch with, and was snacking by the Merced on the North Bluff at Merced Falls, and up towards the Reservoir, looked to be Kettle of Redtail Hawks...picked up, and rolled to the Parking by the River thereabout, and Hawks were gone...sat awhile on an Old Pier Post by the Water, and Osprey came flying from the Far Shore, over my head, and to a Power Pole, and perched with Twigs in Osprey's Claws...oh...an Impossible Nest!!...Blue Jays haven't even begun Nest Building hereabout...and Osprey was very industrious!...set of pics up is one set of like five or six, and hd clips too...much fun...I was able to find cover behind a Knoll, and Osprey would go back and forth overhead, gathering Twigs from across the River....finally, Osprey perched atop a Cottonwood (Oaks and Cottonwoods all have their Leaves) on the Far Shore, and I took a final farfar away pic with Silver in foreground, Osprey in the distance...and about to leave, I looked up, and Osprey made one more flyover, and around over the Pole and off, looked to be, to the Reservoir...pics for sometime...returned with the Sun setting....more sightings...dinner at Happy Burger, tuna sandwich, and milk shake, and happy reviewing of pics and clips!!...a fine afternoon!!!...sunny cerulean blue warm....

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