Saturday, April 2, 2011

Overcast Day

After Breakfast, paddled out to the Hummock Ponds, and stood awhile--everything a bit wet from Sprinkles, and the Snag Branch is in the Pond...well, if I had on the Rain Gear, I could have sat....anyway, quiet...Mallards about, Pair, and One Male...Flicker call, Blue Jays, Acorn Woodpecker, Robin, Raven, Little Birds...overcast Lunch: River up to the very edge of the Banks, and up the Diversion Channel--couldn't cross to the Ozone Cottonwoods...well, I could have taken work boots off and waded, but not much time, and it was quiet!...Buzzbird Pair overhead on the return...oh, Juncos too on the return beside the Path...

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