Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sharp-shinned Hawk

Well, I think Hawk is Sharp-shinned Hawk, and a new sighting, for me....Hawk was over the Merced at Merced Falls just before I sighted the Nest Building Osprey--this on Tuesday....Today: Blue Jay under the Busport this morning with Twig...thought Blue Jay would fly up to the Beams, but instead Blue Jay went to work in a Small Cedar by the Walkway behind the Bench--just about the busiest, bussiest!, tourist spot thereabout!...check tomorrow to see how this Impossible Nest is progressing!...after Breakfast, returned to Cabin and worked on taxes...hmmph...sunny hazy Lunch: sat just a little while at the Ozone Cottonwoods...tourists about..just a couple, but I didn't want to be stepped over--Fallen Log I sit on is right in the Shore Path...Hawk has features of Cooper's Hawk and Swanson's Hawk and Northern Goshawk....way I check for id is look through my books, then through Google Images...and all that hasn't been enough...Dark Head of Hawk I can't find...but Hawk likely a Juvenile of one of the List!!! Merced Falls sometime I see Small Hawks darting about, but Hawks too quick for pics and id!!

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