Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Windy Day Osprey

After early Breakfast, rolled down the hill to Merced for an errand...that done, a whole afternoon to rollabout....at Merced Wildlife Refuge. much of the Water gone, and recently--all the Birds puttering about the Mud Flats....still some Water at Bitten Marsh...oh...more report for sometime..too much for tonight, as I went to Bear Creek Unit too, and came back up the hill on Osprey Road....Osprey was again on the Power Pole, and some Nest Materials hanging about here and there, but Osprey was content to just perch...pic and clip up....more to report too...Hornitos is second pic....Rolling Oak Hills still Green, but drying out, and more Flowers showing..pics for sometime...lots of blueblue sky, warm, breezy....sighted Two Deer while rolling by Beaver Bend in the morning...and an RK Bear Sign beside the Road by El Cap Meadow...

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