Saturday, April 9, 2011


Pics up: Top postcard of Baby Bear and Falls, is charming not only for Bear, but for Backward Falls too!....Second postcard is of Bucks crossing
Merced at Ozone Beach (Mosquito Camp), I think...and not sure of dates for three pics are of the Harper's Weekly Newspaper foldout view of Valley from Trail to Falls (which Paper calls 'Eagle Trail) from 1890...panorama pic I thought was a photograph when I saw it on ebay (another just like it is currently being auctioned), but it is an engraving, a scratch board engraving I think--the detail is terrific, and the hand that did engraving also....I want to do some scratch boards my own self, and will use pics for models (along with Jane Gyer's Trees!)....after Breakfast, paddled out to Bobcat Meadow...a late Breakfast, but did see Raccoon tracks by the Cabin...lots of photogs strung out along the Hummock's a common stop on guided tours...looked to be Violet Green Swallows about (but not sure, thought I saw a flash of yellow through binocs), and Robins, Blue Jays, Ravens, Mallards, Song Sparrows, Juncos, Flicker, Little Birds by the Creek Footbridge (Creek Frazzled!), and Pileated call...sunny blue with puff clouds, later overcast, and short snow Lunch: sat awhile at Ozone Boulder...Robins, Blue Jays, Black Phoebe, Song Sparrow, Flicker, Ravens, Acorn Woodpeckers....

The photograph of the Valley was taken by William Henry Jackson....I thought I knew most of the old photogs!....let me see if I can find the engraver....brb...oh!'s a Woodblock carving, and uniquely done!..see link:

In order to publish the artwork, the images first had to be carved onto a block of wood. But it would take too much time for a single engraver to carve an entire print, particularly given the timeliness of each issue. To provide the illustrations as quickly as possible, a very clever idea was developed. The illustration would be cut into 2 inch squares and each square would be engraved onto a different small block of wood by an assigned carver.


very cool!

Unfortunately, I imagine the woodblocks are gone...brb...oh!...this link has it that the blocks were sanded down after a printing, and reused!...hooey!

Woodblock and Scratchboard lend themselves very well to scenes from Nature, I think!

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