Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mama Hawk And Eyas

Pic and clip up taken from Pullout along Osprey Road at Buzzard Cliff Pond....set the tripod up inside Silver...I had to scootch around in the Seat, but was able to attach Scope, and do some digi clips and pics...'use your car for a blind', is okay, I guess!, in some circumstance...would have liked to get out and set up, but just too close to picked up mini donuts and orange juice, and Shuttled over to the Village...picked up two stamped large envelops, and Kodak print of Bobcat came, 11x14 in flat box, which diverted walk back, and Shuttled back...and time for work....some sun, mostly cloudy with snow flurries!, cool....oh...there are Two Eyases in the Nest...thought I had clip of both, but forgot to press start button, I guess!....eyas is a term for Baby Hawk....found that word on Urban Hawks...brb....which is here:

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