Friday, April 8, 2011

Snowy Day

After late Breakfast, gathered the gear and paddled over to the Village...pic up from on the way to Breakfast...on the way to the Village, very light Snow Flurries and Breeze...ebays came in mail, some neat postcards, and a fold out pic, a scratchboard engraving actually, print from old Harper's Newspaper, and a pin for my Hat...I wear a Redtail Hawk Pin, and have wanted a Bear is a Bear pin...anyway, I'll put these postcards, and engraving, up sometime...sleep debt at moment, and I want to get up earlyearly, and hopefully the Light Snowfall will still be about and I can find Tracks...oh..and a 16 gig sd card came, level ten, so I shouldn't have a 'full card' warning for awhile!....cloudy cool, very light snowfall, and rain on way back to cabin after Lunch: it was Snowing...sat by the Big Windows and watched, and Snow stopped...and I wished I'd skipped eating lunch (dinner), and walked about!...tomorrowmorrow!!!

Link of the Day: Orange County Natural History (home!)

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