Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Turkey Crossing

After early errand in Mariposa, rolled out to the San Luis Wildlife Refuges...Hawks and Owl and a Big Open Space to walkabout in, but just a few Birds...Waterfowl looked to have picked up and headed North!...but lotsandlots of Water...thought to visit the Grasslands State Park, but Gate closed, and Park looked to be flooded...further along was Kesterson, and Gate closed there too...but!, to my delight, it's the season when one can walk on the Dirt Roads!....I walked out aways, to the first Tree Line, which was like only a few Trees, and after sighting Hawks, startled Great Horned Owl....some Owl flight pics, but too far away, and blurry, but, for sometime....and some Bird pics too....the Visitor Sign mentioned Golden Eagles in the Coast Foothills, which I could see in the distance....the walk to more Trees at Kesterson would be an all day walkabout effort, so, I diverted, and instead, made an all day effort on a rollabout!....in Gustin, I got lunch, MickyDees Fish Combo, checked the map for a way into the Hills, and found myself going the way I came back from Point Reyes on 5....better in Day Time...had lunch at the Vista View watching Hawk, Kite, on the other side of the Roads....and took the offramp that's for the Diablo Canyon Road....to be continued:!....sunny blueblue, clouds out towards the coast, moving inland for a spectacular sunset....a long day!...oh..Turkey was on the Canyon Road near Lick Observatory....and the Wildflowers just aren't blooming much....hmmph...

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