Friday, July 8, 2011

Burnt Slope Lupine

no pics up from Tuesday...Flowers on the Burnt Slope above Big Meadow, which itself isn't burnt, but all around is!...see scenic pic...good time to take pics of the the Flowers hereabout is at Sunset...passing the Lupine, I could see the color, and u turned, back to the turn out, and just a little late!...hereabout, sunny hot not so humid...sighted Mama Doe resting, and Doe behind the Rooms--dont know where Fawns where, but overheard tourists talking of Deer....'Can we get back to the Creek this way? ' 'Yes, that way a Dirt Road, turn right and follow it to the Creek, and the Creek goes to the careful, water is high'...and off the tourists with fish poles went, swatting Mosquitoes...'Maybe we should go get some repellent?'...oh...Marmot at Marmot Log, May Lake!

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