Friday, July 1, 2011

Flooded Meadows

Trying to remember when I took pics! two from last Friday....and bottom from yesterday...took that one because last Friday Merced was just as high...middle pics of Two Top Pine taken, the River went way down...still out of the Banks, but nothing like yesterday...and of note, is the Logs now out in the Meadow (and in top pic)....they're from the Pines in the Burnt Forest blown over during the Winter...Trees had perished, and dried out a bit I think, as when the Trees fell, they broke into sections, and now some of these Logs have floated out into the Meadow...places to sit, but, but they've kinda messed up photos!!...anyway, Logs moving around is a collection too...Log that was under The Ponderosa With the View of Half Dome, is now up against the Split Rail Fence by the Meadow...curious to know if any Logs hauled out along the Pony Path...a sometime looksee...sunny blueblue of Raccoon in the Village...oh..sign pic is Bobcat Meadow...and clip is Merganserlings....

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