Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Moonlit Falls

Well, I fiddled most of the day with the new external drive to back up the new computer, and I just cant get it to work the way I want it to...anyway, while it was copying, I rolled up to the
Rim thinking to try and get a Moonbow pic from that vantage...I dont know if wandering around The Fissures looking for the trail after dark is recommendable, but watching Sunset from thereabout is very cool....sunny hot blue...and my notion that one can get a Moonbow pic from above the Falls on the opposite Wall, or  Rim, doesn't seem to work...Moon was right behind me, and Falls out front...I've seen a daytime Rainbow on Bridal Veil from the Rim, so I dont know!!...oh...I changed from the old editor on Blogger, to the new editor, which brought back the Followers icons....think that's what did it...oh...Fourteen Mallards at Sandpiper Beach...most all I think were Mallardlings almost full grown...and a Lizard...pic for sometime...and while getting midnight snack at the snack machine, Raccoon...didn't have camera with...hmmph...I did have a Headlamp, two in fact, one hand carried....nonetheless, I was careful to note Landmarks and Trees on the way, sometimes taking pics with the waterproof....the little point shoots make a good ball of string....what really helped though was the reflective plates attached above the trail to trees for cross country snow travel...

hiking through the dark
and sometimes moonlit forest
every lamp helps