Thursday, July 14, 2011

Two Top Pine Meadow Views

Well, the Weather Channel has a new show with a photog wandering about with a tripod over his shoulder, and he talks like the Crocodile Hunter....there both from Australia....the Salt Flat pic at Sunset (he's out in Death Valley), is pretty good...and reminds me of my one visit, and at Sunset, out in the Devil's Cornfield...hmmph..."From the Edge", show is up today are, top to bottom: pic I got from ebay, pic that's in the Museum Gallery at present, both from 1901 or so..I have photogs name for Gallery pic...not sure on the Snow scene....and the bottom pic from my walkabout this evening out in Two Top Pine Meadow....the Pine in the middle middle ground, just left of center, in the old pics, might be Two Top...not sure...and not sure how the early photos were made!...looks like the Walls and Domes were another photograph photoshopped into the pic...the vantage point is from Beaver Bend (Bend in the Merced across the Road from Rocky Point)....for my pic, I should have been over to the right, and back a bit, and one can see in my pic the size relationships...I'll have to go over to Beaver Bend, which was like 200 yards behind me, find the foreground Boulder, and take a pic, and update this comparison!....frittered most of the day trying to get world of warcraft onto the newest computer...the computer doesn't just go to sleep when not being used, it shuts off, which makes doing a nine gigabyte download problematic!!...while on the walk, sighted Mama Doe in the Burnt Forest, didn't see Fawns, and sighted Two Flickers on the Burnt Snag at the Slough, one going into the Hole in the Snag...think maybe a Nest, but not sure...sunny blue hot and has been very nice last few days...Rafting on the Merced has begun...the River back in its Banks....and it seems all the commotion of the Winter storms, and Spring run off, has given way to the Valley's gentile Summertime....

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